Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Porn Viewing Habits

First and foremost, it’s important for you to realize that getting into porn and enjoying it isn’t a crime. There’s nothing wrong with it, and that’s why you shouldn’t hide it in the first place. Hiding your porn makes it seem like it’s a bad thing, and that’s when your woman’s going to start to get annoyed and suspicious about it. If you’re open about enjoying porn, you’re not going to have any issues with her disliking it. If you hide it, she’ll just dislike it because you’re hiding something from her…so it’s honestly better to be open about it than anything else. There’s Nothing Wrong With Watching Porn Right off the bat, we’re going to say that there’s nothing wrong with watching porn. It’s a perfectly healthy way to express yourself sexually, and it’s perfectly fine to enjoy porn if you just want to sit around and watch some people have sex so you can jerk off. This is something that probably every guy has done at some point, and the only thing that should be vilified at times is the industry, not the fact that we enjoy the films. Porn itself isn’t necessarily problematic. It’s the people that are addicted to pornography that make it into an issue,…

Why You Should Let Her Drag You Shopping with Her

Going shopping with women is usually extremely frustrating, and chances are that you want to avoid it at all costs. You may have even gone out of your way to avoid it in the past. What you probably haven’t realized is that going shopping with a woman can be a great way to get her to see you in a positive light. It may be slightly painful for you, especially if she makes you carry all of her bags, but the reward may wind up being extremely worth the aggravation. Since you’ve probably never considered it before, there are some very good reasons why you should let your date or hookup drag you shopping with her. It Shows Her That You Care When you let a woman take you shopping with her, it shows her that you actually care about her and her interests. It may seem strange to you, but taking a woman shopping and allowing her to drag you around the mall will show her that you have a sensitive side to you. This is a good thing, and not the kind of sensitivity that will make her think you might be gay. The willingness to let a woman drag you around while she shops is similar to…

Why You Should Be on Multiple Dating Sites

A man on one dating site is like a man who stands on the shore and casts one fishing line into the surf. He’ll get bites, but there’s no way that he’s sampling even a fraction of the fish in the sea. If you want the full experience that online dating can offer you then you need to be using multiple dating sites. Target Demographics Shift Each dating site is tailored to a different sort of crowd. There are hookup sites, and there are sites for people of the same religion, political ideals, or hobbies. There are kink dating sites. There are sites for general dating, and there are sites for looking for marriage and babies in the next three years. Each dating site has different women in it, and women who are looking for different things. When you’re looking for love online you want to meet as many different women as you can. Only joining one site is like only talking to the same people over and over again. Not to mention the fact that some sites are more geographically oriented than others. You might join up with one site and find that not a lot of women in your area use it, but another is crammed with single…

Why You Should Be a Chubby Chaser

The type of woman that you’re attracted to can’t really be forced on you or changed. But, for most guys, there isn’t a hard and fast rule on what gives them a boner. In that case then it would be to your benefit to let your eyes wander over to the thicker ladies. Chubby chasing, or going after women who are heavier than normal, is becoming more accepted overall but it still isn’t getting the proper attention that it should. If you can get into that group you’re going to get more trim than you ever have before. There’s Less Competition When you go out with your crew you’re going to be the shining star. There’s always one friend who’s the grenade jumper. That’s the person that takes the fat chicks so no one else has to be with them. All your friends will say shit like “You’re really taking one for the team” or “You know we’d do the same for you”. When they’re busy buying you drinks and hitting on all of the thin women around you you’ll be already halfway into bed with that chubby chick that got passed to you. Have you ever been with a woman who was so hot you’d give your teste to…

Why It’s Okay for Guys to Wear Makeup

When you hear the word “makeup” you probably think of lipstick, bright colors, and women who have layers of the crap on their face. It’s definitely not something that a guy would be down to wear. That’s totally legit, but the fact is that not all makeup is like that. The gut reaction says it’s only for women and some gay guys, but really anyone can wear makeup. There’s a lot more to the stuff than bright colors and thick creams. Using the right amount of makeup is completely reasonable for a guy to do. It Makes You Look Better Makeup’s very first purpose in life is to make people look better. In Egypt pharaohs would wear makeup for ceremonies and to decorate themselves. The women would use it to look more attractive and hopefully get a man who could make their lives better. Now we use it to cover imperfections. Unless you’re seriously confident, you probably have something that you wish you could change up just a little. Makeup can help you do that. It’s Evening the Odds Whoever said that makeup is only for the ladies? It’s completely unfair and, you know what, it’s sexist. They’re always complaining about sexism happening to them, but this is totally one-sided.…

Why Improving Your Posture Can Help You Get Dates

When you think about appearance and how it impacts your ability to get dates, posture is likely one of the last things you think about. However, it might surprise you to learn that posture is often one of the first things women notice about guys that approach them. How you hold yourself can have a huge impact on your success with women, so you should keep it in mind when you start hitting up the dating scene. Improving your posture might have great benefits for your dating and sex life. First Impressions are Important Posture is often one of the first things that women notice when they see guys in bars. If you approach a woman, you’re forming a first impression almost immediately – and it has to be a good one. If you have poor posture and slouch all the time, she will pick up on it and it’ll enter her first impression of you. First impressions are often very difficult to move past, so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. This can be easily altered if you learn to stand up straight and don’t slouch or hunch forward. Posture is often not something you control consciously, so you may need some time in…

Why and When You Should Introduce Her to Your Friends

Introducing a woman to your friends might seem like an unnecessary step, especially if you don’t plan on keeping her as a girlfriend for very long. However, if you plan on having a casual relationship it might still be important to introduce her to your friends. Knowing the reasons why you should introduce her to your friends and knowing when you should do it will make the entire process much easier on you, so you should definitely keep it in mind the next time you start a relationship with a woman. Why Should You Bother? You might think that introducing your date to your friends is totally unnecessary, and in some cases, you might be right. If you only plan to hook up with a woman once or twice, you probably really do not need to do this. However, if you plan on having a short or long term relationship with a woman, this is definitely something you may want to consider doing. Introducing a woman to your friends can have serious benefits for the both of you. If a woman is on the fence about you and isn’t sure how she feels, introducing her to your friends might be the thing that tips you over into her good graces.…

When Should You Make It Social Network Official?

If you’ve been on a few dates with a lady you want to take it to the next level: making it public on your social networks. However, if she doesn’t bring it up it can be hard to know if you should. She might be hiding out from an ex, or she could just think that you’re not there yet. Here are the three signs that you, at least, are ready for it to be all over the Internet. You’ve at Least Had Sex If you’ve been on a few dates but haven’t actually done the deed, it’s too soon. There isn’t even much of a relationship to put up there yet. Unless the two of you have discussed waiting for marriage or something of that sort, you’re not even really dating until you’ve had sex. So calm down, there. Focus on getting laid, and then focus on letting the world know that she’s your girlfriend. This way, if the two of you end up not being compatible sexually you can relax, secure in the knowledge that you weren’t publicly humiliated by having to go from “in a relationship” to “single” in front of all your friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family members. You’re Exclusive This seems like a no brainer,…

What to Expect in Internet Dating

Dating in the real world isn’t always easy. Dating online has its own learning curve. Despite that fact, online dating has its perks. Where else are you going to be able to meet scores of sexy ladies all looking for the same thing you are? Maybe you’ve struck out with the women you’ve met face to face, so why not try meeting them online? Obviously there’s going to be a lot of differences between real and online dating. Let’s be honest-most guys turn to Internet dating just to score some quick and easy hookups with online hotties. And why not, if it works? But it’s also possible to find romance online too, if that’s what you want. Just like conventional dating, if you want to improve your game, you need to understand the rules. It’s a Numbers Game In regular dating you’re meeting a woman face to face. This makes it a lot easier to tell if there’s mutual body chemistry. If there isn’t, you can just drop her and move on. When you’re meeting women online it’s harder to tell if there’s mutual interest. You’re going to find a ton of sexy, single women online, but you won’t have a connection with all of them. This is why you…

What to do if Your Ex is Still in the Picture

It’s not unusual to remain friends with an ex-girlfriend. A lot of the time failed relationships grow into friendships. This can become a problem when you start dating a new woman. Women want to know that they’re the only one in your life, so if you still talk regularly to an old flame, she’s not going to be happy. It might become such a big problem that she gives you an ultimatum: it’s her or the ex. In that case you’re going to have to decide which is more important to you. If you’d really like to stay friends with your ex AND keep dating this woman, you’re going to have to work out a fix. Downplay It Once she finds out you’re still friends with an ex, she’s going to start assuming the worst. What you need to do is downplay the entire situation. Make it sound like the ex is just a casual acquaintance even if she isn’t. You want her to think that your relationship with your ex is small and insignificant. Focus on Her Make a point of emphasizing how much you like everything about her. Compliment her. When you’re together, focus on making her realize how much your relationship means. If she’s got all of…


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