Asking Her to Game with You

It’s a big day in your life. You’ve been seeing this woman for a while now. The whole passionate phase of only having sex and snuggling to death has passed and you’re really feeling like she’s something special. You text each other more than nudes now, she’s met your mom, and her dad didn’t shoot you on sight. Things are going so well that you’re thinking of asking her that one special question: “Will you game with me?” This isn’t something that she should take lightly. But you want to make sure that you aren’t flippant about it either. What is the perfect way to ask her to game with you?

Take It Slow

"It is better to lose to keep her interested in the game"

“It is better to lose to keep her interested in the game”

At first it can be enough just to invite her to sit down and watch you play. Some people think it’s not all that thrilling, but you’ll be able to immerse her into your native rituals of game play. Eventually, though, you can turn and ask “Do you want to play?” It’s so simple, but so perfect. Hand her a controller and run down the instructions. If she says no, don’t feel defeated. You didn’t give up on level 86 when your squadrons were wiped out more times than you can count. She’ll come around eventually.

Amp It Up

After she’s played with you, you can let her in on your feelings about what she’s doing. Let her know how much it means to you that you can share a hobby together. She’ll love the fact that you’re feeling emotions and sharing them with her and you can have your game themed cake and eat it too. Let her play the game with you more often and maybe even on her own. While you want her to be under your wing, you also want her to practice enough to become a good partner. Your emotions and happiness will be an incentive for her to get better. Plus your games are pretty awesome.

Prepare Yourself

"Get her a new controller and play double player games"

“Get her a new controller and play double player games”

If you have the money and you think she’s the type of person who would like it, then buy her own controller or headset. Getting a color that she likes will definitely get you bonus points. Then make sure that you’re playing the perfect game. Obviously if you want her to really game with you then you’re going to have to introduce her to the game you have in mind. A partner needs to be familiar with the surroundings, so give her a fighting chance.

Ask the Big Q

Now that everything’s perfect you can finally come out and ask her to game with you. Gaming with someone isn’t just getting on the other controller and pressing some buttons. It’s a time commitment, relationship builder, and extremely rewarding. Make sure that you touch on all of this when you tell her that you want her to be your partner. Women won’t get how big of a deal this is to most guys. So really break it down for her. The more she understands about it’s importance the more likely she will be to join you.


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