Building a “Message Me If” Section That Gets You Dates

"Write a call to action in your profile"

“Write a call to action in your profile”

If you aren’t getting the kind of messages that you deserve on an online dating site the culprit could be your “message me if” section. To put it into business terms, this is your call to action at the end of your profile. Just as you would urge a potential customer to buy now, while supplies last, you need to urge a lady to get over her shyness and send you a message. How can you turn your boring section into a call to action that gets the ladies in a line to hook up?

Never Give Them the Option to Ignore You

You might think that it’s a cool marketing ploy to say something like, “Message me! Or don’t. It’s whatever you want to do.” Don’t remind her that she doesn’t have to message you. She already knows. What you need to do is make it difficult for her to ignore you. Playing it cool is good when you’re having a conversation, but it’s bad for a salesman. The message me section is where you can tell her exactly what she’s going to get when she goes out with you. Don’t throw this chance away.

Use Specific Hooks to Get Her Attention

Don’t fill this space with really generic messages. “Message me if you want to have a good time.” That could mean anything. What, specifically, are you going to do to make sure that she has a good time? A way better hook is something along the lines of, “Message me if you want a private surfing lesson with a great instructor. I’m always happy to help a pretty lady learn the basics.” Just like you wouldn’t fill your profile with vague statements that show that you’re a guy who likes stuff, you shouldn’t cheap out on the details now that you’re writing your call to action. At the end, include your call: “Go on, send me a message now!”

Offer Her Something

"Tell her what she'll get if she contacts you"

“Tell her what she’ll get if she contacts you”

No sales pitch would be complete without reminding the lady what she’s going to get out of this deal. Your “message me if” section should include lots of details about the great things that you can do for her. Too many men make it seem like the ladies are doing them a favor by sending over a message. You want to negotiate from a place of strength, so make it clear that a woman who messages you has a chance at something special. Whether that’s surfing lessons (from the example above) or something a bit more carnal is up to you and the type of profile you’re creating. Just make it clear that going out with you is a real treat, and the lady who gets to do this is a lucky lady indeed. Of course, not in so many words.

If you put a little thought in it you can easily come up with a bunch of perks to date you. Once you know what your angle is, go in and write your message me if section like you’re advertising a product or service instead of yourself. You’ll come out of this with a strong call to action that has the ladies scurrying to send you messages.


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