Four Ways to Nix Nerves on a First Date

Even an Olympic champion gets nerves before a big event. If your stomach’s tied in knots before your date, don’t let it get to you. There are ways that you can settle your nerves so you can show her the confident man you really are. With these tips you’ll be polished, put together, and ready to wow her from the moment you meet.

Tell Yourself You Look Good

"Don't let your nervousness overpower you"

“Don’t let your nervousness overpower you”

This sounds too simple to work, but it really does. Get on your date clothes and stand in front of the mirror. If there’s anything wrong with your outfit, now’s the time to change it. If you know that’s what you’re going to be wearing for the date, tell yourself that it looks good. Look yourself up and down and say she’s lucky to go on a date with a hot stud like you. Sounds ridiculous, but it really works. Arrogance and confidence are close enough together that you can pass the first off as the second. When you see how happy she is to see you, you’ll get the real confidence that you’re faking at first.

Have a Plan B Date

A great way to get rid of nerves is to give yourself back a sense of control. If you want to gain one, make yourself a back up plan. That way if anything goes wrong you’ll be prepared. Have a second movie option in case the first is sold out, have another restaurant in case she doesn’t like the one you’d planned on going to. When you have a back up plan it means that you can adapt to the situation at hand and respond.

Think of a Couple Ice Breakers

"A good sense of humor will give you extra points"

“A good sense of humor will give you extra points”

Things can get awkward during a first date. It’s no one’s fault, but it can be a date killer if you don’t spring into action. When you have time, look up some jokes to tell. A joke can be a corny way to break tension, but it’s better than not having anything to talk about. If you have the chance to research her hobbies before you go out (like if you met online, and she has a handy list of her interests on her profile) then think up a couple questions you can ask her about them. If you know that you have a fall back topic to talk about in case the lull in the conversation goes on too long

Watch a Comedy Before You Go Out

If you have your plans and you’re still battling a case of flop sweat, chill out with a comedy. Something light and breezy will occupy your mind and stop you from obsessing over everything that could go wrong. The chemicals your brain releases by laughing and smiling are the enemy of nerves, so you should feel your confidence bloom after a few belly laughs.

With these four tips to nix nerves under your belt you should find yourself more confident in your dates. You’ll see the affects in your love life soon after. There’s nothing sexier to a woman than a confident man.


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