Getting in Her Personal Space: The Right Way

"Touch her hand to see her reaction"

“Touch her hand to see her reaction”

There’s definitely a way to get close to a woman. Sadly, a lot of guys just don’t know how to do it without creeping her out, and that’s one hell of a shame. Women that you’re casually hooking up with really want you to get up and into their space, and there’s definitely an art to it without making her feel weirded out about you. Fortunately, we’ve been there, done it all, and we really know how to make a woman love the fact that you’re making the moves on here and climbing her like a tree sooner rather than later.

Start With Slow Touches

The real key to getting up and in her personal space is to start slow. We’re not telling you to ‘start slow’ by putting a hand on her thigh, because spoilers: that’s really not that slow at all. That’s actually pretty rude. Instead, we think that sitting next to her is starting slow. Eventually, you can actually get an arm around her, and that’ll probably still be fine. If she’s okay with that, then it’s a matter of rubbing her back, touching her hair, and from there if she’s into it, then you’re going to basically be golden…but just don’t move too fast when you do it.

Kiss Her Neck, Hell Yeah

"Neck is one of the sensitive part on her body"

“Neck is one of the sensitive part on her body”

Women are into the slow, erotic touches more than anything else. That means touching the back of her hand and making slow circles on it with your thumb, playing with her hair, and leaning over to kiss her shoulder. You don’t want to be the guy that gets way too personal too fast, and that’s why it’s important to temper yourself and place limits upon the things that you’re doing.

Most women will be pretty responsive if you take it easy. Watch her, and see what she responds to. If she’s really into the idea of you touching her back, then do it some more. Tiptoe your fingers up and down her spine, and gently brush her hair out of the way to kiss the back of her neck. If she’s shivering when you do that, then you’ve set yourself up right, and you can get closer and closer to her as the night goes on.

Watch Her Body Language

No matter what, you’re going to have to read her body language. If she’s turned off, then you might as well just give up and start right back at the start, because there’s no way in hell that she’s going to let you keep going and be happy about it.

You’ll become an expert when it comes to body language soon enough, and if you don’t, then you’re just not going to get laid. That’s why you really have to learn to read her and figure out what she likes, and what she simply doesn’t. By being able to do that, you’ll really stand a chance of getting somewhere and getting what you want out of your casual dates. Trust us, it’s really worth it.


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