How to Make Her Feel like a Princess and Why You Should Do It

"Open the door for her"

“Open the door for her”

Most girls grow up having an intense desire or fantasy to be treated like a princess, and tapping in to that desire is a great way of making her feel special. You’ll charm her and attract her attention more than most other guys will, and she might not even realize why she’s so attracted to you. Keep in mind that this kind of act might not work on all women, but you would be surprised by how many girls out there want to be treated like a princess when they look for dates or hookups. It might even outnumber the amount of women who want a bad boy, so you should definitely try to make her feel special.

Why You Should Make Her Feel like Royalty

"Open the car door for her"

“Open the car door for her”

Most women like guys who treat them well. You might think you’ll have more luck playing the bad guy, but this can often be a lot more difficult than you might think. Guys who want to play the jerk often have to go against their instinct to be polite to women, and it can be more difficult to pretend to be rude. However, playing the charming prince and making a woman feel like royalty isn’t that much of a stretch for most guys, unless you really are a jerk in real life. If that’s the case, you should probably stick to the bad boy shtick.

Women grow up being bombarded with princesses and royalty in the media, so it stands to reason that they would want to be treated like this when they grow up. Treating her like a princess will be romantic without being too cheesy, if you do it right. Women will react to your treatment of her without even realizing why it makes them feel so good, so it can be a great way to get into her good graces.

How to Do It without Being Obvious

If you amp up the act until it starts seeming cheesy, your chances of success plummet. You want to make her feel special without making her feel young or immature, which this can sometimes do since it will harken back to her childhood princess obsession. The best way to make a woman feel like royalty without making it obvious that you are acting in a certain way is by making them feel like they are the only girl in the world that matters to you.

You want to emphasize how special she is and how much she stands out from the other women. The most romantic aspect of being treated like royalty that really gets to women is being treated like you only have eyes for her. The more you single her out and make her feel unique, the more cherished she will feel. This can be a fantastic way to get women to hook up with you, though you might not want to use this on women you plan on dating for a long time lest they get the idea that you’ll treat them like a princess all the time.


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