How to Tell a Real Nerd from a Fake Gamer Girl

"Writing 'nerd' on your hand does not make you a real nerd"

“Writing ‘nerd’ on your hand does not make you a real nerd”

It’s the heyday of “geek”, and a lot of men have never been happier. Finally it’s okay for a smoking hot woman to admit that she’s also a nerd. In fact, these women have become so popular that there is now a whole crop of annoying copycats to deal with. If you’re having trouble working out if that hot lady is a true nerd or just a fake gamer girl, these tips will help you spot each type in the wild.

Real Nerds Are Critical

Nerds are enthusiastic about things, but they’re not blind to their faults. You’ll know that you’ve found a real nerd when she can admit that things that she loves aren’t actually flawless. These things are issues that she’ll want to talk about and obsess upon. A fake gamer girl isn’t interested in analysis. She likes whatever someone (IE, a hot nerdy guy she wants to be with) tells her to like. There’s no intellectualism in her at all.

Real Nerds Aren’t Just into Mainstream

"Real nerds will eagerly wear such t-shirts"

“Real nerds will eagerly wear such t-shirts”

A real nerd girl will like things that everyone likes. She’s not against popular science fiction or fantasy shows. However, her interests go beyond the mainstream. She likes rare things, and seeks out new books and movies and television shows that aren’t as popular. She’s spurred on by a real appreciation for nerd culture and nerdy expression. A fake gamer girl just soaks up what’s popular and vomits it out again. She doesn’t have a single original thought of her own, so she lives to agree with what’s hot right now.

Fake Gamer Girls Want Praise for Every Nerdy Thing

Fake gamer girls are doing it for the attention. They’re going to bring up every single nerdy thing that they do. They’re only going to look into a book, show, or movie if it’s extremely popular or if you tell her to. She’s just desperate for praise. She’s going to brag about how many books she’s ready lately, and how many television programs she’s following. A real nerd girl won’t do these things because she doesn’t need your praise. She genuinely likes things, so she searches them out and looks them up. That’s all.

Fake Gamer Girls Don’t Go the Extra Mile

Fake gamer girls will have seen the newest series of a show, but they won’t have gone back and watched it from the beginning. They’ll wear a necklace with a magical symbol on it, but they won’t know Captain Kirk from Captain Picard. She reads books handed to her, and she watches what she’s told to watch, but she doesn’t really care. She’s the nerdy equivalent of a woman who’ll make out with another woman at the bar for a guy’s attention.

Finding a hot nerd girl is the best thing that you can do. Finding a fake gamer girl is just going to break your heart. Watch the signs carefully so that you find a great nerd to enjoy your passions with.


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