In Between Public and Private: When You Can’t Have Sex at Either House

For whatever reason or another you’ve ended up living with your parents, a friend, your brother, or any other person. Age doesn’t matter here so much as the fact that you’re definitely lacking in private time. Your life goes on, you work, you drink, and you meet a hot woman who absolutely wants to have all of the sex with you. This is amazing, but where are you going to do it? Sure, you could be an asshole and take her home where your roommates will hear you, but unless it’s a bro you’re just going to get an earful of anger later. Her places seems logical, but she’s also someone’s roommate or from out of town or something. Well what the hell now? You’re horny, sure, but you’re not horny enough to screw on a park bench. You’ve got to find a place that’s more private than public to get it on.

A Stairwell

"Use the lonely staircase to your advantage"

“Use the lonely staircase to your advantage”

Stairwells in buildings aren’t used all that often. If you’re in a city where businesses run late (or you’re drinking and having sex in the daytime)(we don’t judge) then head past their elevator and take the stairs. After you’ve gone up a few flights you can find a corner and start getting freaky. A majority of people will gladly go for, and wait on, the elevator instead of having to climb those stairs so you’ll have a bit of privacy. If it’s possible avoid the areas where there are doors in case you need to quickly put on some clothes.

Pitch a Tent

Anywhere where people spend time camping will be an awesome place to have private public sex. Carry a quick pop up tent in the back of your car and take it with you wherever you go. Then you can pitch it on the beach, in the woods, at a campground, or hell, even the side of the road. Once you put that up you’re technically not in public anymore. You can still get in trouble if someone sees the tent jumping around and hears her screams, but if you can keep it quiet and out of sight then you’ve got a good area to get it on.

The Car

Of course, this is probably the most famous private public sex zone. The car provides some coverage since it’s enclosed, but still has windows to see if anyone is approaching you. If you’re feeling really scandalous then drive down a dirt road and wait until no one is around. There’s a chance you could even get her out on the hood. If you’ve been drinking. This is obviously not a choice, though.

A Motel

"Book a motel room for the two of you"

“Book a motel room for the two of you”

A motel is obviously the most private place, but also the costliest. You are guaranteed not to get arrested if you have sex in a motel room. It’s the safest, most reliable, and honestly the least personal way to have sex with her. You’re not looking to introduce her to your mom so why not spend a little cash to safely have sex and get on with your life?


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