Playing It Cool in an Online Chatroom

The secret to having success in an online chatroom is to play it cool. These ladies are used to desperate men hanging on their every word. If you want to have a chance at scoring, you need to stand out from the crowd. These tips will set you apart and give you a fighting chance at turning a random dirty chat into something more.

Don’t Press Too Hard for Private Right Away

"She is not interested to chat with you in private"

“She is not interested to chat with you in private”

If you and a lady are clicking, there’s a huge pressure to get her into private chat. If you come on too strong you’ll just scare her away. In this way chatrooms are like the bar scene. If you push, she’s going to get spooked and back off. Remember, women are told to think that every guy online is probably some sort of predator. Be patient, and you’ll get the privacy you want.

Have Your Instant Messenger Ready

You don’t want to have to fumble for your screen name when she does want to make things private. Noobs don’t have their profile up so they can just copy and paste their screen name to the woman they’ve been chatting up. When she finally offers to go private, don’t fumble, slip up, or take forever to respond. Be prompt and friendly.

Look at All the Other Women Signing on and Off

If you ever feel a lot of pressure to close the deal with one specific woman, just look around the chat room. You’ll find tons of women constantly signing in and out. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so don’t even worry about it. Remembering that you’ll have plenty of other options will help keep you calm and cool when the pressure starts to mount. If you don’t get a private chat, sexting, or pics from this lady you can always find another woman in the chatroom who will want those things. Relax.

Don’t Try to Force a Meet Up

"She'll block you forever"

“She’ll block you forever”

This is a big one. Remember how women are taught that every man online wants to hurt them? This is triple true for men who want to meet in person. So yeah, she might be the best dirty chat you’ve had in a month, but you still shouldn’t start asking where she lives and trying to get her to come over. Instead, ask if she’s got a dating profile up somewhere so the two of you can keep in touch. Meet ups can come later.

Don’t Always Act like You Chat All the Time

You don’t want to look like a loser. A guy who can just hang around in the chat 24/7 is going to look like a loser. You have better things to do with your time than just chat, so make sure that you’re not spending forever on there. It’s okay to occasionally spend a few hours if you meet someone really special, but in general you should give yourself a time limit and sign off when you reach the end of that.


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