Seven Dates a Week: Little Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend Every Day

Whether you’re just looking to brighten up her life, do something special for her birthday week, or you have something you seriously need to apologize for these little tricks will do it. Follow the instructions every day and you’ll be surprised how quickly she warms up to you again.

Monday: Leave Her a Nice Voicemail

"Leave her a short, sweet message"

“Leave her a short, sweet message”

This is going to be tricky to do if your girlfriend doesn’t work in an environment that doesn’t let her answer her phone. Just think of a time when she won’t be free to take a call and leave her a loving message. You might want to jot down ideas ahead of time so that you can make the message short, sweet, and something she’ll want to keep forever.

Tuesday: Put Post It Notes over Her Car/house

If you have a key to her place, let yourself in when she’s gone on Tuesday and cover her place with apt sticky notes. You can write up a bunch before you go over and make this a quick in and out operation. She’ll come home to notes like “I love you!” everywhere, or you can customize them. “You’re a great chef!” stuck to the stove is a compliment she’ll know is sincere.

Wednesday: Make Her Dinner

"Impress her by cooking dinner"

“Impress her by cooking dinner”

Take the pressure off of her by cooking dinner Wednesday night. Don’t chicken out and order in. The purpose of tonight is to make her feel like you can handle the load. Take on the task of cooking her something yourself and she’ll appreciate it much more. Even if your food isn’t as good as a great order in from your favorite place, the fact that you put in the effort will mean the world to her.

Thursday: Pay Her Ten Compliments

You can’t reuse the same one. Space these out throughout the day, but make sure that you have ten compliments racked up by the end of the day. These words will gain you points every time you say them. By the end of the day, she’ll be swimming in warm and fuzzy feelings. That should build up a cushion for the times you inevitably leave her feeling less than cherished.

Friday: Create Her Perfect Night Out

Make this Friday night count! Most of these ideas are ultra cheap, but Friday night doesn’t have to be. Whatever your lady loves, give it to her tonight. Dance the night away at a club or have a late dinner at that French place she raves about. You should know what your girlfriend’s perfect night out is, so though it might cost a bit you won’t have to rack your brain for plans.

Saturday: Take Her for a Hike

Exercise triggers the release of brain chemicals that create feelings of closeness and happiness. If you take her for a bit of a hike, make sure to follow it up with a few hugs. She’ll be happier than she was before, and you two can enjoy a nice picnic.

Sunday: Treat Her to Brunch

There’s nothing more traditional than a Sunday brunch. Round off your week of pampering with mimosas and bloody marys at 11am.


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