Should You Celebrate Month-iversaries?

"Their relationship turns 3 months old"

“Their relationship turns 3 months old”

Month-iversaries are the latest craze in the dating scene. You and your sweetheart have been together a month, and she’s ready to break out the bubbly. For men in this day and age, the question of gifts is looming more quickly than ever before. Should you buy into month-iversaries? Should you plan something special, or lie low and hope that your girlfriend isn’t into it? The idea might seem a little ridiculous, but here’s what you should think about when you’re asking yourself how soon is too soon to begin celebrating milestones.

How Sappy Is Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend has said that she wants to celebrate being together for a month, then you have to. If she’s said that she doesn’t want to, you’re off the hook. Most women aren’t so clear about what they want and expect unfortunately. Your girlfriend probably hasn’t mentioned what she expects at all. This makes it hard for you, but not impossible. Just ask yourself how sappy she is as a rule. If she hasn’t said anything about month milestones to you but she seems like the type to love them, then you know that you should do. Even if she didn’t expect you to, as such, she’ll still love it if you do. Chances to impress her like this don’t come along that often.

Con: It Looks Immature

"Giving cards and gifts every month makes you look immature"

“Giving cards and gifts every month makes you look immature”

Frankly, month-iversaries should really be left to the teenagers. Getting to a month is probably the longest that they’ve ever been with anyone. As mature adults with a variety of relationship experiences, month-iversaries sort of seem like a made up holiday. They focus on celebrating a very minor thing. If you want a real challenge, try heading for a year together. Or ten. Or fifty. When you’ve been together that long, you’re allowed to be so excited about it. Other adult couples are going to sneer a little bit at your month-iversary plans. If you can handle the buddies ribbing you in the locker room, good for you, but you might want to keep your plans on the down low even still.

Pro: It Makes Her Feel Special

On the other hand, though, a month-iversary can make an insecure girlfriend feel special. If she thinks that you’re so thrilled to have her that you’ll just celebrate everything and anything you can help get rid of jealousy. If you have a controlling girlfriend who doesn’t want you to see other women (even your clients at work, or the sisters of your friends) then you need to crank out the pampering every chance you get. If you slather her with love every month she’s going to be much nicer to deal with the rest of the time.

Month-iversaries might be the product of a world where relationships get shorter and shorter, but they’re a great way to pamper your girlfriend. As silly as they seem, if you want to earn a few points then you should definitely as least remember the date. You don’t have to put together a big bash, but you should at least let her know that you remember.


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