Should You Fly Out to Meet Your Online Lover?

"Ah, finally they met"

“Ah, finally they met”

In our modern age a ton of people are meeting online. There are websites specifically for dating, social media sites that inadvertently hooking people up, and randomly finding women to date. Eventually a relationship forms and an issue arises. You live in totally different places. Feelings get really strong and your brain struggles to tell them to shut up. Now the question is should you fly out to meet your online lover?

Who’s Paying?

All right, this sounds so shallow but you’ve got to consider who’s paying. Online relationships are sort of like talking crap online. When you’re behind a computer screen it’s easy to say all of those awesome, clever things that are just right. But in person you might puss out and be extremely awkward. So when you’re taking a chance on someone not being awkward and terrible in real life you’re wasting more than time if you’re wrong. The cost of a ticket is ridiculous. This isn’t to say that if she’s going to be paying you should hop on the plane with no question…actually, it is. Then it would be the worst case scenario of losing some time.

The other aspect is that if she’s willing to fly you out you know that you’re going to get laid. Let’s say the plane ticket costs about a month’s worth of rent. She’s willing to use that month’s rent on getting you into physical contact with her. You’ll hug, probably kiss, and certainly do a whole lot more. If you think about it, you’re sort of like a high-class hooker. Take that as a compliment.

How Long Have You Been Talking?

"It is okay to meet her if you know her since long"

“It is okay to meet her if you know her since long”

Of course if you’ve just met her online and you hit it off, it might be a great fantasy to meet her. But you really know nothing about her. Most guys don’t have to worry about women date raping them or anything. There are a few hidden skeletons she might be hiding. Sometimes women get bored of their boyfriends and go online to find some comfort. You could end up showing up and getting to her place just to find out that she’s got a boyfriend. He’ll be pissed at you and you’ll be in an awkward conversation.

She might be crazy. It’s a plain, terrible fact. There are tons of awesome women online, but there are also women who just don’t get how to act around guys in real life. Women like this can get really attached really fast. She’ll read into the fact that you want to meet her and start getting thoughts of marriage and babies in her head. Flying out to actually spend time with her is a big step, but if you’ve got the money and the time it could be the equivalent of a date. Make sure that you really set down what exactly is going on when you fly over. No one is getting married, but if you want to be together in real life at all you’re going to have to see if you connect.


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