Side-Stepping Commitment

"Having a relationship on the side will keep you happy"

“Having a relationship on the side will keep you happy”

Everyone thinks that commitment is so great. We accept that we’re in a relationship and we should just have sex with that one person. No more feelings for anyone else count and you’re just expected to go with it. Why is that? You shouldn’t be boxed into something that doesn’t keep you happy. But we’ve been so brainwashed as a society that we believe you grow up, get married, and make babies. You’ve got to have some baby making practice in there somewhere, and really the only way to get that is to side-step the whole commitment thing. With a horde of commitment zombies you’re going to have to get creative.

Keep It Passionate Without Being Intimate

Guys tend to smoosh these two things together, but to a woman they are not even in the same category. She will be passionate about many things; one of them might even be you. But when it comes to being intimate she only does that when she feels safe, comfortable, and accepted. So if you’re going to tap into that passion without getting intimate you’ve got to start getting in on that rowdy, nasty sex that most people would be embarrassed to think about. Keep that while still hanging out, but avoid romance. Flowers, romantic dinners, and candlelight are things that are reserved for wanting more out of a relationship. She might throw a fit that you don’t do those things, but hey, you’re being honest. You’ve never set a higher standard for your relationship than you expect, so neither should she.

Keep It Chill

Avoiding any type of romance is best when trying to keep a sex-only relationship going. Sure, not lathering her up with massage oil and chocolates before putting it in her is a good start, but really you’ve got to avoid any romance ever. As time goes by she’s going to expect you to start being more serious with her. But if you give in and hold her hand even once you’ve already got the idea in her head that you love her or something. Keep the setting and touch casual until you’re having sex. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go on dates with her. After all, you’ve got to keep her into you. But you should choose very stereotypical date places like restaurants, movies, and plays. Anywhere that leaves the two of you alone for an extended period of time is going to water the planted romance seed in her head.

Keep It Sexual

"By now you can guess what's gonna happen next"

“By now you can guess what’s gonna happen next”

You want sex, so keep it on sex. She might get a little upset at you for only wanting one thing, but at least you aren’t lying to her. Yeah, she’s obviously more than a hot body or you’d only hit it once, but keeping everything on sex sends a clear message. As long as you can back up your one-track mind with amazing sex she should still be satisfied. Don’t get stuck in a routine that resembles a relationship; keep it exciting and spontaneous.


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