The Secret to Meeting Women Is to Make Friends with Married Men

"Take advise from married men"

“Take advise from married men”

Are you tired of never actually managing to meet the kind of woman you’d be happy to settle down with? It’s one thing for a relationship not to work out, but it’s another for it to never even get off the ground. If you’re tired of meeting bust women, the solution might not be to meet more women. It could be to meet more married men. Here’s the secret to getting someone else to do the hard work of finding a good woman for you.

Only Do It When You’re Ready to Commit

"A real relationship needs commitment"

“A real relationship needs commitment”

If you’re happy playing the field, then you should keep doing so. This isn’t the way to meet other hookups. This is the way you should start looking for a long-term girlfriend, or even a wife. The ladies that you will meet through this will be friends with married women. They’ll be ready for something long term, and they’ll be more likely to give you a chance than a random woman from the bar. All you have to do is try to show what a good boyfriend and husband you can be.

Women Set up Other Women

The great truth of the dating world is that there’s no matchmaker like a married woman. She wants her friends to settle down too, so that she doesn’t feel left out. She also feels confident that she knows how dating really works. She’s “won”, after all, by getting married first. This means that she’s always on the lookout for ways to help her single sisters, friends, and coworkers meet a great man. The easiest way for her to do that is to set up her single friends with her husband’s single friends. Get to be a married guy’s buddy and sit back and relax while the dinner invitations roll in.

Be Good at Double Dates

If you want to take full advantage of your new opportunities you need to be good at double dates. Make it easy to split the check when you dine out, tell a couple funny stories, and be pleasant to be around. That way you can have a nearly endless stream of ladies served up to you on the double date silver platter. Finding a good couple to double date with is something that young married women are very interested in. If you can be the one she wants to be the male half of that couple then you can be sure that you’ll have a nearly endless stream of single women looking for a good relationship delivered right to you.

Always Be a Gentleman

The one catch is that anything you do with or to these ladies is going to be reported back to your friend’s wife. This means that you have to be on your best behavior all the time. You can’t count on a raunchy story not making you out to be the bad guy. Any bad date moments are going to get back to her. You don’t want to do anything to cut off the flow of free dates to your doorstep, so make sure that you always let them down gently when you decide you won’t be seeing them anymore.


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