Using Specific Details to Make Your Profile Pop

"Make sure your profile catches her eye"

“Make sure your profile catches her eye”

There’s not a lot of future in online dating for a nice guy who likes stuff. If your profile says that you like “doing things,” and that on a typical Friday night you’re “out” then you need to step up your game. Specific details are the things that are going to stick out about your profile. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd of other men who like to do things in places with people. You can get more dates just by spicing up the way you phrase the things you already do.

Vague Phrases Are Boring

In case the example above didn’t hammer the point home enough, vague phrases are boring. They don’t give the reader any sort of idea about your personality. The women on most dating sites are checking out a dozen profiles a day. How are you going to stand out from the other men if your profile isn’t even specific about what you do? There are ten thousand guys online right now who are “nice guys who like to go out on the weekends.” You need to be individual to stand out. You don’t even have to actually change anything about yourself. You’re already an individual man with a personality. All you need to do is tweak your profile to reflect that.

Use Dynamic Verbs

If you really want to give your profile a bite you should use active verbs. Take this example. “I like to climb mountains.” Awesome subject, but it’s written pretty blandly. Crank that up to “Mountain climbing rules my fitness priorities.” There’s a lot more personality in that sentence, and it includes more information about it. It implies that you do it often, that you’re good at climbing mountains, etc. It’s memorable. It’s a little bit dramatic, but it’s just an example.

Even simple tweaks can make your profile seem more unique. Skip out on the boring words such as like. Replace with enjoy for a small boost of sophistication. Instead of saying that you like road trips, say that you have a need to see as much of the world as you can, and you make sure to follow through on it. Don’t worry about sounding too dramatic or pretentious. The whole point is to create a response in the reader. She’ll remember you, even if she’s at first not sure about you.

Makes It Credible

"Add your hobbies and interests to get more responses from women"

“Add your hobbies and interests to get more responses from women”

If you say that you like mountain climbing, you’ll be brushed off as a guy trying to impress her. If you list a bunch of mountain’s you’ve climbed you’re a unique guy. Your profile will seem more credible and you’ll seem more like a real person if you include the specific details. Tell her what your favorite local restaurant is. Offer up the places you like to go on vacation. Be clear about your accomplishments and don’t worry about sounding like you’re bragging. Provide lots of specific details and you’ll be creating an impression of yourself that will stick with a woman who reads it.


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