Why Improving Your Posture Can Help You Get Dates

When you think about appearance and how it impacts your ability to get dates, posture is likely one of the last things you think about. However, it might surprise you to learn that posture is often one of the first things women notice about guys that approach them. How you hold yourself can have a huge impact on your success with women, so you should keep it in mind when you start hitting up the dating scene. Improving your posture might have great benefits for your dating and sex life.

First Impressions are Important

"A good posture will make you look confident"

“A good posture will make you look confident”

Posture is often one of the first things that women notice when they see guys in bars. If you approach a woman, you’re forming a first impression almost immediately – and it has to be a good one. If you have poor posture and slouch all the time, she will pick up on it and it’ll enter her first impression of you. First impressions are often very difficult to move past, so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. This can be easily altered if you learn to stand up straight and don’t slouch or hunch forward. Posture is often not something you control consciously, so you may need some time in order to completely correct it. Recognizing it as soon as possible will help you make a change that may save your dating chances.

Posture Can Alter a Woman’s Entire Perception of You

"A bad posture will make women lose interest in you"

“A bad posture will make women lose interest in you”

Posture has a bigger impact on your appearance than you probably think. It doesn’t matter if you wear your best outfit when you go out to meet women. If you have poor posture, women will look past you despite how good you might look otherwise. All of the effort you put into your appearance can be ruined by bad posture, which makes it so important to correct. Even if you aren’t wearing the nicest clothes, if you have good posture women will look your way much more often than if you have poor posture and slouch all the time. Women often perceive men with poor posture as being lazy or rude, but if you stand up straight and tall you will be perceived as being more confident and attractive – and you might even feel that way because of it, too.

Posture Affects Your Attitude

This might seem bizarre to you, but there is psychology behind posture. How you stand affects your attitudes in a subtle way. If you take the time and effort to learn how to stand up straight and maximize your height, you will feel more confident and self-assured. People who slouch and have general bad posture often do not feel as confident about themselves. Whether this is because of the actual posture or because of something else, the effect is generally undeniable. Posture and attitude seem to go hand in hand, so there is a serious benefit to improving your posture – not only to increase your chances to meet women, but to improve your own life as well.


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