Why It’s Okay for Guys to Wear Makeup

"A normal manly make up will make you look good"

“A normal manly make up will make you look good”

When you hear the word “makeup” you probably think of lipstick, bright colors, and women who have layers of the crap on their face. It’s definitely not something that a guy would be down to wear. That’s totally legit, but the fact is that not all makeup is like that. The gut reaction says it’s only for women and some gay guys, but really anyone can wear makeup. There’s a lot more to the stuff than bright colors and thick creams. Using the right amount of makeup is completely reasonable for a guy to do.

It Makes You Look Better

Makeup’s very first purpose in life is to make people look better. In Egypt pharaohs would wear makeup for ceremonies and to decorate themselves. The women would use it to look more attractive and hopefully get a man who could make their lives better. Now we use it to cover imperfections. Unless you’re seriously confident, you probably have something that you wish you could change up just a little. Makeup can help you do that.

It’s Evening the Odds

Whoever said that makeup is only for the ladies? It’s completely unfair and, you know what, it’s sexist. They’re always complaining about sexism happening to them, but this is totally one-sided. Women get to slather on cosmetics and totally change how they look. Then they go out and find some unknowing guy who thinks they’re flawless. Makeup can do a lot for a person. So now it’s our turn to cover our ugly things up and trick them.

How You Do It

"Use a concealer under your eyes"

“Use a concealer under your eyes”

It’s all well and good that it’s getting to be more socially acceptable for a guy to wear makeup, but you’ve got to do it the right way to actually pull it off.

Concealer: This does just want it promises to do; conceal. It’s not the stuff that women wear all over their face. Concealer is more concentrated and only goes onto problem areas. Mostly you’re going to want to use them under your eyes where it’s dark and on zits. Use your fingertips to pat the area and blend it out, sort of like you are poking yourself again and again, until you can’t see the edge between skin and makeup. Pressing too hard will rub it in and not do a damned thing.

Eyeliner: Unless you’re going for a Goth look, keep eyeliner light. Grab something that is in the dark brown family and has no shimmer. Take the eye liner and rub it gently along your lower eyelid where the eyelashes are. You just want to say, “Oh hey, just some eyes up here. Feel free to gaze into them.” Using black eyeliner will give you a bolder look.

When you’re putting on any sort of makeup you want to remember to keep it light. You’re looking to trick people into thinking that you’re naturally sleek and good looking (especially the ladies). Putting on too much will make it look like you ran into a makeup drawer.


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