Why You Should Be a Chubby Chaser

"He has got a cute chubby girl"

“He has got a cute chubby girl”

The type of woman that you’re attracted to can’t really be forced on you or changed. But, for most guys, there isn’t a hard and fast rule on what gives them a boner. In that case then it would be to your benefit to let your eyes wander over to the thicker ladies. Chubby chasing, or going after women who are heavier than normal, is becoming more accepted overall but it still isn’t getting the proper attention that it should. If you can get into that group you’re going to get more trim than you ever have before.

There’s Less Competition

"Fat girls are easy to impress and pick"

“Fat girls are easy to impress and pick”

When you go out with your crew you’re going to be the shining star. There’s always one friend who’s the grenade jumper. That’s the person that takes the fat chicks so no one else has to be with them. All your friends will say shit like “You’re really taking one for the team” or “You know we’d do the same for you”. When they’re busy buying you drinks and hitting on all of the thin women around you you’ll be already halfway into bed with that chubby chick that got passed to you.

Have you ever been with a woman who was so hot you’d give your teste to screw her? Probably not. Women like that tend to shoot down anyone less than them. Unless you’re a model and rich she’s going to remember all of those losers before you who tried. That’s not even close to the case with chubby women. 95% of guys would pass up this sexy stacked woman for the twigs and that’s their mistake. While it’s not always true, the chubby women are less stuck up. They deal with losers, but don’t harden from the experiences.

Married Women Get Fat

It might not be relevant right now, but in the future you might get married. It’s childish to think that for all of your life you might want a thin woman. Accepting all of the body types means that you’ll be satisfied for longer. As time goes on she’s going to gain weight. The days of having to impress a guy to get a mate are long gone. She knows that you love her so she doesn’t have to be sexy day to day. Then there are kids. They’ll balloon her body, but that’s perfectly fine for you. You’ll spend the rest of your days banging the hottie who’s gained weight.

Cooking is the Easiest and the Best

We’re certainly not saying that chubby women will eat slop out of a bucket, but she obviously likes food. That makes cooking extremely easy. She’ll voice her opinions about food and even better, she’ll make it for you. A common misconception is that they’re chubby because they eat crap food. But that can get old real quick. More likely she’ll end up showing you meals that will make your mouth water. Not only are you getting sex with a nice woman, but she’ll cook for you too.


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