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This fun, active community has unique women for nearly any man's appetite. With 17 dates and 13 nights together, we definitely came away full and satisfied.

Reviewed by is one of those sites that you just want to keep coming back to. It’s fun, it’s consistent, and above all else, it really does attract the ladies. That’s because it has a great atmosphere, plus it’s incredibly easy for anyone to use, even if you aren’t that experienced.

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We loved this site.

During our EroticAds rating, we were thrilled with the kinds of ladies that we saw here. There’s an incredibly variety, and that really does count for a lot on a dating site.

The other thing is that there are very few EroticAds scams. This means that the site is safe, and that means that you aren’t going to have to stress out when it comes to finding for someone legit to be with.

Our Results After 4 Months: Was Worth It?

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We had a total blast with the ladies here. You’ll definitely find excitement at EroticAds

We ended up spending a total of four months on our EroticAds rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 320 e-mails to women that we knew weren’t EroticAds scams.

The results astounded.

From those 320 e-mails, we ended up with an amazing total of 251 e-mails. This was great, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

From those 251 e-mails, we ended up with 19 ladies that wanted to meet up with us. Ultimately, 17 of them showed, and from those 17 women, we ended up sleeping with 13 of them.

Two Messages That Got Hot Responses on

Email 1: “Hi, Christina. I see that you’re into Irish dance, and I think that’s fascinating. I actually don’t know that much about it, but it does really sound interesting, and I’d love to learn.”

Email 2: “Hi, Marjorie. I see that you’re into doll collecting. I actually am a bit of a collector myself, and I’d love to see more of your collections if you have anything available.”

The Features That Made Stand Out

Honestly, the best part about EroticAds is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. You really can get around this site very well, and that means you’re going to attract more women.

The easier a site is to use, the easier it is for people to get dates. It’s plain and simple fact, and that’s why we really think this site is a great place for a lot of people to start out.

Getting Ahead of the Game on Our Key Dating Tactics

When you’re using this site, it’s best to really have a complete profile in place. The more details you fill out, the more attention you’re ultimately going to get.

A lot of guys want to skip certain parts of it, but the more you fill out, the more likely you’re going to pop up in a search result. That can really help a lady find you, and that means more chances to get laid.

Flies in the Ointment: What Needs to Improve

Sadly, not every single site is perfect, but we loved this site all the same. The one issue we had with this site is that sometimes, it can be a bit laggy.

This is probably because there are so many people using it. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a bad site, so just try to avoid peak times, and you’ll end up being just fine. in the News

There are a lot of ways to ruin your sex life, and while isn’t going to be one of them, this article can really help you avoid them:

Your body can really change your sex life, and that’s why it’s important to know these things on sites like

The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating is our number three site overall, and we really do adore it. The numbers don’t lie, and have really proven this site to be effective. Check it out, and you’ll see the exact same thing that we did. It really does work and the results proved that!

45 Responses to “Complete Review: Our #3 Choice for Casual Dating”

  1. WhelpWhelp

    If you can make acomparison with this site to any others, let me know. If there’s a site better than this one I guess I need to be on there bc it must be PERFECT.

  2. Sapphire Grenade

    I suppose I can take the time to post a review for I really liked a lot of aspects of this site and I’d probably recommend it to anyone if they mentioned casual hookups.

  3. If you try to scam me out of money, I won’t like your site. I really liked this site , though, and I think everyone who wants to have casual sex needs to be on this one.

  4. Glen Rhinehart

    I asked around about but all I could seem to get was that it was a legit site. But WHY? I want to know things about it,, people, come on and help me out!

  5. The Navy Gargoyle

    This site is so good! I love those little rabbits on the homepage..what better for a hookup site than rabbits? It seemed appropriate and it made me laugh when I signed up. Keep up the good work!

  6. Rich Fierce Cosmic

    I keep telling my friends who need to get laid to test out It’s the best hookup site that I’ve seen to date and I think everyone should be using it as opposed to the alternatives.

  7. Navy Helium

    A high rating is coming from me for this site. I normally have criticisms to make about these things but for this one, I have no suggestions for improvement. Everything was flawless in my opinion.

  8. I left a review in early 2013 that wasn’t favorable, but the site seesm to have gotten better since then. Now it’s pretty good and I think I’ll start using it regularly again, I suppose.

  9. Nigel Sachse

    I haven’t used a lot of dating sites in the past so I guess I’m not good at judging these at first glance. Does anyone know what is like? I need to know soon.

  10. I’m hoping all sites like this end up being as good as this one. Actually, I guess it doesn’t matter bc when I need to get laid I’ll just come back to this one from now.

  11. Rusty Musk-ox

    Because I’m posting a review comment for I feel like I should organize my thoughts, but I can’t really. This site is just really good, so everyone should use it if they want to get laid.

  12. Infant Dreaded

    When you look at this site in comparison to the other popular ones it becomes clear that it’s no contest. This site is laid -back, casual and all around just fun to use, I think.

  13. I thought this site was a scam bc of those goofy animated rabbits on the homepage, but I guess that’s just a fun little addition to the site. I liked it well enough I guess.

  14. Connie Roose

    I’m not sure if is legit. I haven’t used it yet and I can’t seem to find ppl talking about the aspects of the site I want to know about so I’m in the dark here.

  15. If this site isn’t good, I’d hate to see a bad site. I thought a lot of things about this one were really great when compared to the others I’ve used. Maybe I’m just easily impressed.

  16. I had to test out for a review of hookup sites I was writing but I have to say, after I tested it I kept using it. I’m still using it right now tbh.

  17. Giving this site a high rating seems like the only intelligent thing to do. I was impressed by almost every aspect of the site so I guess I should make that known for anyone interested.

  18. Does the site read these reviews? I wrote on in 2013 suggesting something they fix and they fixed it…it was weird. I like the site and I’m back to using it again, I guess, for now.

  19. Royal Stough

    If you’re like me and don’t really like dating but still want to get laid, might be a good place for you. Hell, I don’t even know if it’s a good place for me yet!

  20. Sites like this are just about my favorite thing. I cannot tell you how many hot women have messaged me saying they want to hook up that now I have to pick and choose who I want.

  21. Gloomy Temple was really good for a hookup site and I have to give it a good review purely because of how attractive all the women on here are. That’s why I’m here, and they came through.

  22. There’s no comparison when you pit this site against others. Other sites don’t have what this one has going for it and tbh I don’t see how anyone could suggest otherwise. Use this site, guys!

  23. Someone told me all dating sites are a scam but I think he was just trying to rain on my parade. This one definitely wasn’t. It had a few glitches, but nothing that made me hate it.

  24. Woodrow Carbaugh

    I used for a small period of time. I don’t remember much about how it worked or what the ppl on it were like, but I can tell you it’s a legit site at least.

  25. Tainted Worthy Drill

    Life has been good now that I started using this site for my hookups. It’s been so easy to find women that I’ve had no trouble at all and I couldn’t be happier with it.

  26. The Hungry Vulture

    Test out and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. This site is great and it deserves to be used for any guy who wants to get laid easy and fast. Come on guys!

  27. There isn’t a rating that seems to give sufficient praise to this site. I’m not kidding when I say that everything about this site impressed me. If you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out.

  28. Looking back at 2013 in review, I think it was an okay year. I didn’t have as much sex as I wanted to but that probably would have been different if I’d used this site sooner.

  29. I’ve been out of the dating world and tbh I don’t know think I want to go back. I need to get laid again tho, so I’m going to sign up for really soon.

  30. Epsilon Duck

    I never get tired of sites like this. Some aren’t the best, but most of them are really good for hooking up with people who just want a casual thing as much as I do.

  31. Cute Sad Farrow gets a good review from me. I’ve hooked up with three women already in the week since I’ve joined. It seems a little excessive but you can never go wrong with sex if you ask me.

  32. Bloody Brutus Digger

    This site makes other sites that I considered good just look plain and poorly designed in comparison. Every hookup site should run as smoothly and be as much fun as this one in my opinion.

  33. If a site doesn’t try and scam me out of money, I’m already predisposed to like it. This site was even better than that, though, and it didn’t try and scam me and it actually worked.

  34. Brendon Anderson

    If you used and thought it was legit, I want to know why! I’m contemplating using the site but I want to know what’s good about it before I do. I think that’s fair.

  35. Red Monkey

    This site is good to the point where I’m pretty sure I won’t need to use another site ever again. This one has me covered and has everything I need to hook up with ladies.

  36. Omega Foghorn

    I don’t usually use hookup sites but something about made me want to sign up and test it out. I’m glad I did. That’s a damn good site and it’s easy to meet women.

  37. Dangerous Dragonfly

    If there’s a single low rating for this site I’ll be surprised. It’s great and I don’t understand how anyone can think otherwise. What’s up with that? I just don’t get it in the slightest.

  38. I didn’t think I’d ever find myself writing a dating site review but here I am. This one was pretty good. One of the better ones I used in 2013 so I have to give it credit.

  39. Quinn Pickering

    This definitely isn’t a dating site. That isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it’s just more about casual hookups, which is what I want more anyway. I guess I’ll have to try out soon.

  40. I love sites like this and I think everyone should use them. It’s much better than those sometimes awkward grey lines of buying women drinks in bars, you know? This is just a lot easier.

  41. Captain Bill Ravenbeard

    How can you give a bad review? I don’t understand. What more could this site possibly do? Everything about it is really good. I don’t understand what more ppl want out of these sitse.

  42. Frozen Lama

    If there’s a comparison to be made, I guess I’m not seeing it. I wasn’t aware there were any other dating sites that were such a high quality as this one. I don’t think there are.

  43. This site came off as a scam a bit in the beginning, but I was just being judgmental. There’s nothing wrong with it and it works really well. I’ll probably use it again if I need to.

  44. Rickie Roberts

    Not sure how I feel about those animated bunnies on the homepage of…I’m hoping the site is legit otherwise, though. I haven’t used it yet so I’m not sure what it’s going to be like.

  45. Solid Child

    This site is so good that if you start using it, I can guarantee that you’ll never want to use another site again. I can almost promise you that, that’s how confident I am about it.


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