Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating


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This site is so dead that we couldn't even find men on it, and that's really telling. Don't even waste your time.

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We do have to wonder what even the point of sites like is. This site is just barren, and seriously, how do the owners even justify keeping it up? No one wants to use a site like

It’s a ghost town.

During our Flirts rating, it became incredibly difficult to even find men on this site. That’s never a good sign, because trust us, men will join just about anything if they think they’ll get a date.

casual dating SCAM ALERT img

Sadly, there’s really no way that they’d ever get laid on this site. Flirts scams are basically all that’s left here, and they’re just scam bots that have taken over old, abandoned profiles. With that in mind, again, how would this site even begin to hold water and actually make money?

Our Results After 4 Months on

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Flirts rating, and during that time, we sent out 320 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more Flirts scams.

The results were terrible.

overlay Flirts screen

This site won’t get you laid tonight, or even next month. Good casual dating sites are available in our comprehensive site rankings.

From those 320 e-mails, we only received a total of 55 responses. If that isn’t pathetic, we really don’t know what is, and trust us, we’ve seen a lot of bad stuff online.

Not a single woman wanted to date us, which was pretty telling of how dead this site was. All in all, we’re pretty sure that Flirts was nothing but one big waste of time.

Why Just Didn’t Work – Odds of a Scam: High

Sites die for a lot of reasons, and in this case, we’re pretty sure it’s just because the owners gave up on it. There’s no one here to monitor, so why would they bother?

It’s long dead.

When you come across a site like this, it’s really just best to click out and move on. There’s nothing here for you, and with that in mind, there are no dates in the future for you. in the News

Erotic g-spot massage can be a great way to make you feel good again, so keep this article in mind when starts to fail you:

Keeping your prostate healthy is important for your sex life, so keep that in mind even though isn’t going to get you laid:

The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating?

We would never recommend a site like It’s just one big time sink, and it’s not going to help you meet the women you want at all. We were happy to be done with it.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site, It’s the best of the best, and we really enjoyed this site from the moment we logged onto it.

35 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating”

  1. If you looked at this site in comparison to the others I have profiles on, you wouldn’t wonder why I’ve moved from using this one to using another one I know of.

  2. Herman Dugmore

    I would use and leave a review for it if I could get the site to load, but apparently that just isn’t in the cards for today, I guess.

  3. Rat Screaming

    I’m not sure if this is a scam, but I do know that I was about to upgrade my membership and now the site is gone so I worry they scammed other people…

  4. Clifford Sheets

    I have high hopes for I’ve heard good things about it from all of my friends who’ve used it so I think that maybe I’ll have some fun on here.

  5. Minimum Judge

    I think this site would be good if it could ever load correctly, but until they fix their servers or whatever the site’s going to keep being bad in my eyes.

  6. Quinton Gongaware

    Test out and you’ll see what I mean. I promise, this site just isn’t worth anyone’s time and I don’t think anyone should be using it. Find something better.

  7. Rating this site lowly is the only logical decision. I think everyone needs to realize just how bad it is and decide to stay away indefinitely. Just don’t use it.

  8. Light Sergeant

    I like that it’s easy to leave reviews. I expect a dating site to work better in 2013 than this one does, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

  9. Domingo Haines seems like a nice, casual little dating site that I might be able to get behind. I’m a little nervous about the fact that it never seems to load right tho..

  10. Sites like this have a lot of ground to cover if they want to catch up to the better versions of dating and hookup sites. This one is far from good.

  11. I think a review of is in order, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll be a good one. In fact, if it’s coming from me it most certainly is not a good on.

  12. I think this site is pretty bad in comparison to the others I’ve seen and used in the past. It seems like it glitches and the women aren’t very attractive.

  13. This site is a scam. I’m glad I didn’t pay to upgrade to the premium membership bc they would have made off with my money. I would have been mad.

  14. Rosendo Whitling seems legit enough. The name makes it seem like kind of an innocent site, so I’m not sure if it’s goin to be the one for me regardless of what it’s like.

  15. Rocky Rough Girl

    If there’s anything good about this site, I missed it. I used it for a while and I didn’t see anything memorable about it, or anything that made me want to stay.

  16. Wilford Coughenour

    If you plan to test out, just be forewarned that the site glitches a lot and it probably won’t load when you need it to most. It’s very frustrating.

  17. A low rating is all this site deserves and that’s what it’s going to get. This site made me mad and I know that everyone else who uses it is pretty mad, too.

  18. It’s 2013, I expect my dating site to work when I need it to. I’m leaving a bad review bc it seemed like the site was always gliching when I tried to log in.

  19. Jarrett Pratt

    I’ve used a lot of dating sites in my time but I haven’t used yet. It must be new, because I’m usually pretty fastidious about keeping up with these things.

  20. I really wish sites like this were reliable and worthwhile but until they fix the problems with ones like this, I’m done using dating sites to try and hook up.

  21. I guess I have to leave a bad review because I signed up for the site but every time I try to get it to log me in it just locks me out.

  22. I recently started using another site and let me tell you, it is SO much better in comparison to this one. I only started using it because my friend said this one was good.

  23. Small Volunteer

    There’s no way this site isn’t a scam. Yesterday it wanted me to pay for a premium membership and I almost did, and now the site says it’s shut down.

  24. Stacy Rhinehart

    I’m hoping is legit because if it’s not, I don’t know where else to start looking for good dating sites. I’d already exhauted my list of possible ones before now.

  25. I read a review that said this site was good. Sorry, I guess I must have missed those parts in between all of the glitches and bullshit I put up with.

  26. Omar Carpenter

    If you wanted to test out, sorry, but it doesn’t look like you can. The site looks like tis down with no hope of coming back for a while.

  27. If there’s a rating this site deserves, it’s a 0. Lower than a 0, but that just isn’t possible, I don’t think, at least not on normal rating scales. This site’s awful.

  28. Joey Yellow

    I’ll leave a review a day if that’s what it takes to make people get out of the 2013 dating site craze and stop using this awful site for good.

  29. Rolando Crom

    I’ve heard of quite a few dating sites but I don’t think I’ve heard of before now. Does anyone know what it’s like and could tell me about it?

  30. I have nothing nice to say about this site or any of the other sites like it. They’re unashamedly running away with peoples’ money and giving them nothing in return.

  31. Danial Lineman

    Of course I’ll leave a review for This site sucks and I want it taken off the Internet. Shouldn’t take too much effort to make that happen, when it doesn’t load half the time.

  32. This site seems to have glitches very often, at least in comparison to other sites I’ve used. It seems to never load right. I want things I use to work right.

  33. Dromedary Seriously

    I think this site is a scam. I just paid for a premium membership and now I go there today and the site says it’s shut down? What the hell is up with that?

  34. David Christman

    I’ve heard is legit but tbh I don’t know anything about it for myself yet. I haven’t even signed up to use it so I guess I’ll find out very soon.

  35. I tried to find something good to say about this site. I searched deep in my heart for something good to say but I’m sorry, right now I have nothing.


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