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The numbers don't lie about our #1 site for casual dating. This site's active community got us an amazing 25 dates, and 17 ladies to take to bed.

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Once in awhile, you really do come across a site like These are the sites that just have a formula that works, and trust us, we can really get behind that.

It’s been around for a while for a reason. CTA Img has a thriving, active community, and that’s because it has a formula that works. They create an intimate atmosphere, and that’s the kind of thing that really draws ladies in.

During our FuckBookNet rating, that became incredibly obvious. That lively community on top of having responsive customer service is what keeps this site safe…which means no FuckBookNet scams.

Our Results After 4 Months: Was Worth It?

We spent a total of four months on our FuckBookNet rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 320 e-mails to women that we knew weren’t FuckBookNet scams.

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It was worth it.

The results were in, and from those 320 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 267 responses. This was incredible, and really made it worth our while.

From those 267 responses, a total of 28 dates were set up. Ultimately, 25 of them showed up, and from those ladies, we ended up sleeping with 17 of them. We couldn’t have been happier.

Two Messages That Got Hot Responses on

Email 1: “Hi, Blossom. I see that you’re really into knitting, which I think is awesome. I’ve always wanted to learn, and I was wondering if you’d ever teach me a few tricks.”

Email 2: “Hi, Myra. I see that you’re a surfer, which is a favorite sport of mine, too. If you ever want to hit the waves with anyone local, you should definitely keep in touch with me.”

The Features That Made Stand Out

Honestly, our favorite part of this site was the fact that it was so active. It’s a rare day that you’ll see a site where there are that many ladies running around, so this one was refreshing.

This is mostly due to the way this site is marketed. In order to get more ladies on a site, you need an intimate atmosphere. This site has that while still being incredibly sex. We loved that about FuckBookNet.

Getting Ahead of the Game on Our Key Dating Tactics

We really suggest having a very filled out profile here. If you do that, you’re definitely going to attract more ladies to what you have to offer.

You’ve got to paint yourself as a catch. Talk about your interests, and go into detail. That’s what these ladies really want to see.

Flies in the Ointment: What Needs to Improve

We really loved this site, but if we had to pick one problem, it would be the fact they don’t always clean out old, inactive profiles.

This can add to the clutter on the website, and that’s something you just need to be aware of when browsing for potential dates. in the News

Paddling can be an incredibly erotic sex act that you should know more about, especially if you’re using sites like

There are a ton of sexy games out there that you can use with your new date, especially on sites like

The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating

We loved and that’s why it’s our number one site. We can’t recommend this one highly enough, and we really suggest that you give it a shot in the near future.

45 Responses to “Complete Review: Our #1 Choice for Casual Dating”

  1. Lamb Young

    If there’s a comparison to be made, I can’t think of it. Imo this is one of the best sites I’ve used and no other dating or hookup sites really compare to it at all.

  2. I don’t normally post reviews but after the good time I had with some of the women I met on I feel like it’s the least I can do for this great site, you know?

  3. This site didn’t try to scam me out of money. Didn’t want credit card info once I’d actually tried it out. What this site DID do was everything right. My new fav hookup site now!

  4. Luther Fox

    I guess is legit…enough. I haven’t used it for too long so I guess it’s a little early on in the game to be forming opinions, right? Or am I just being wishy-washy again?

  5. Man Modern

    There’s nothing better than a dating site that looks good and works well too, and this site did both of those things. It’s okay in my book, and I’ll definitely keep using it for a while.

  6. Angry Microphone

    I guess I have nothing to say, really. I only wanted to test out and I ended up liking it so I stayed. That’s about it. I don’t have much to say about it.

  7. Polar-bear Tidy

    If I had the opportunity to give this site a rating, I would give it the highest one possible. I really enjoyed my time on this site and the women I met on there tbh.

  8. Even tho 2013 is over and I haven’t used this site in 2014 yet, it’s still the same sit eso I can still post a great review. Use this site if you want to get laid.

  9. Rodger Carmichael

    I want dating to be less about commitment and more about having fun and hooking up. I guess that might be a good place to start if I want that, right? We’ll find out.

  10. Rosa Black

    I want all the sites like this (you know, dating, hookup, etc) to be just like this site. I would use them more foten if they were all this good. This is the best site ever.

  11. Hideous Breeze is good in my book. It gets a good review bc the messaging system was easy to use and the women on here were so hot. That’s all I’m here for, you know guys?

  12. The women on this site are much hotter in comparison to the women on other sites. I was really surprise…it’s like all the hot ones have been hiding here instead. Very nice, in my opinion.

  13. If anyone tells you not to use this site bc it’s a scam, tell them to fuck off. They don’t know anything and they’re missing out on a site that’s really good bc they have no taste.

  14. Lenard Sealis

    I was worried this site wasn’t legit bc I’ve seen so many other sites with this exact same homepage, you know? I used it and I have to say I was surprised by a lot of things.

  15. I’ve never seen a hookup site this good. They’re normally a little sketchy and to be taken with a grain of salt but this one made it very easy to message women and hook up.

  16. Fast Opossum

    I thought deserved a test run after all the good reviews and the good things my friend told me. I gave it a chance and I’m so glad I did. It was a lot of fun.

  17. Lovebird Gutsy

    Rating this site highly is the only choice. I don’t know how anyone doesn’t see it, because there wasn’t a single thing about this site that I wasn’t impressed by. Hot women, easy to use site.

  18. It’s been a while since I wrote a dating site review..I think back in the beginning of 2013. This is the first site that I’ve liked enough to want to leave some praise for tbh.

  19. Vaughn Osteen

    I’m not sure if dating sites are the right thing for me. I like hooking up better, and from what I’ve seen, seems to be mostly about hookups so I think I’ll prefer that.

  20. Sites like this are a lifesaver. When you’re in the middle of a dry spell and feeling like you won’t get laid again for a while, you find a site like this and everything is okay.

  21. Forgotten White Sound

    Leave a review for Sure! Why not? This site is great and maybe my praise will help it get some more traffic. More hot ladies to hook up with, am I right? That would be great.

  22. In comparison to other sites I’ve used, this one is just plain better. Everything about it seems more put together and I’m very impressed overall. I’ll be using this site for a while, most likely.

  23. I thought this site was a scam at first bc I couldn’t find anyone who would respond. When I finally did, though, I realized I was misjudging the site and the people I met were great.

  24. Tyrell Jackson

    There’s no point in sitting back and wondering if is legit. You need to sign up and find out for yourself and stop relying on other peoples’ decisions. That’s what I did and I loved the site.

  25. Life is good now. I’ve been using this site to hook up with women and I’ve had so many messages every time I log on from women who want me. It’s better than I could have imagined.

  26. Rebel Lucky Fox

    Test out and I can promise you won’t be sorry. It’s easy to sign up, easy to use and you’ll have at least five messages every time you log in. Trust me on that.

  27. A rating of 5 stars doesn’t seem to cut it for this site…it’s very good. A lot of dating sites fall short of my expectations but this one met and surpassed them. I loved it.

  28. I can’t believe I used this site for all of 2013 and I didn’t get tired of it. It deserves a good review for all the hot ladies it helped me meet and hook up with.

  29. Bradley Giesen

    Dating sites are a thing of the past…what’s really popular now (or at least, what should be) is hookup sites. I’ve been looking at but I haven’t actually used it yet as of now.

  30. Nasty Scarecrow

    I’ve used a hundred sites like this and none of them were as good as this one. Not one site could match up to how easily and quickly I was able to meet women tbh.

  31. Captain Marcia Seagull

    I wanted to post a review of a while ago but I wasn’t sure if anyone would care. I see now that lots of ppl post reviews so I’m going to go ahead and say it’s good.

  32. This site makes others pale in comparison. No exaggerations, just the truth. This site is great and I have no criticisms to give to it. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll do great.

  33. Everyone keeps saying this site is a scam but I think that’s just what ppl say when they’re mad they’re too unattractive to get laid, you know? Don’t let your shortcomings influence ppl’s opinions of the site.

  34. Tyrone Ryals

    I wondered for a long time whether or not was legit, so I finally did what any sane person would do: I tried it out for myself. You can do the same and make your own opinions.

  35. Streaming Dugong

    I did NOT think much of this site at first. I guess it just goes to show that you can’t just a book by its cover, or you’re going to msis out on a lot of good opportunities.

  36. Stray Massive Bull

    If you haven’t signed up yet to test out, what are you waiting for? This site is amazing and I can guarantee that you’re not going to regret your time on it if you try it.

  37. Snappy Smuggler

    I don’t know how anyone can give this site a low rating. What’s not to like? Seriously, what more does the site have to do, suck your dick for you? The women on here are great!

  38. I forgot to post a review of this site when I used it back in 2013 so I’m doing it now. This site is great, andif my girlfriend and I ever break up you bet I’ll be back.

  39. Tony Hallauer

    I don’t wanto be involved in the dating world any more. I just want to get laid, and idk yet but I’m pretty sure that is going to be a good site for that.

  40. Gazette Fisty

    I’ve used too many sites like that weren’t good so I wasn’t taking any chances with this one. I did my research and when it sounded like everyone liked it then I considered it safe to use.

  41. Kala Gull

    A review is in order for I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and the fact that I’ve had four women message me for hookups in the past two days is great.

  42. Fatty Hammer

    If you think the site you’re using is better in comparison to this one, you’re wrong. There’s nothing about this site that isn’t perfect in every way. The women are so hot it’s unreal imo.

  43. I had my concerns about whether or not this site was a scam…the homepage didn’t look very promising at first so I was concerned. I’m pretty sure it’s okay, though… I guess I recommend it.

  44. Adan Handyside

    If you’re wondering if is legit, I’m here to tell you that it is. It’s a real site. Now, if you were meaning legit in the other way, that I don’t remember. Sorry guys.

  45. Chimpanzee Mini

    I didn’t think this site was going to be as good as it was. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much. I’d seen a lot of sites with homepages just like this, but honestly I was surprised!


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