Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating


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Another site that only caters to men, and suffers badly for it. The only breathing women you'll find on here are escorts.

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This is another site that needs to learn how to really attract women. just doesn’t do that, and it really makes its membership ratios suffer. That’s something that became very obvious during our LavaLife rating, and persisted time and time again.

It just doesn’t have any women.

A site like should be brimming with ladies, but it just isn’t. You really can’t find any real women on here other than escorts, and that means that LavaLife scams are more prevalent.

casual dating SCAM ALERT img

It’s just disconcerting. We really hate being on a site and trying to make it work and finding nothing but scammers. At that point, the site owners really need to do something, but they never seem to get the hint.

Our Results After 4 Months on

We ended up spending a total of four months on our LavaLife rating, and during that time, we sent out 320 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t more LavaLife scams.

The results came in, and were awful.

overlay LavaLife pic

Scams, spam, and an empty inbox. Find better options on our list of casual dating sites and you’ll have a better Friday night.

From those 320 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 40 responses. We were incredibly disappointed, but honestly, we expected it to be just as bad as the results were.

Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, either. This means we didn’t get a single date the whole time, and while we knew that was coming, we still were annoyed.

Why Just Didn’t Work – Odds of a Scam: High

After awhile, this site just became annoying. It’s very irritating to be on a site that’s full of scammers that ultimately won’t leave you alone, and mostly just want your money.

We hated it.

That sort of feeling is the exact opposite of what you want out of online casual dating. If you aren’t relaxed, it’s never going to work out, and sadly, this site never gave out that kind of vibe. in the News

This article really covers the health benefits for frequent sexual activity even though isn’t going to make that happen at all:

This article answers a ton of sexual health questions, even though sites like can’t even come close to addressing them:

The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating? is one site that we’d never recommend. There’s absolutely nothing good to say about it, and we’re happy to be done reviewing it once and for all. Stay away from it.

Check out instead. It’s our number one site, and that means it’s the best of the best without a doubt.

35 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating”

  1. I’ve moved on to bigger and better things and sites where the women are much hotter in comparison to the women on this trainwreck of a site, trust me on that.

  2. Modesto Harden

    My review of won’t be nice, so if you’re looking for good things about this site, I’m not the one to ask. This site disappointed me in every way.

  3. Tasty Empire

    This site is a scam and those pics on the homepage are fake. One of them is totally Josh Graban. What is this site? Are we supposed to buy this crap?

  4. Kenneth Lombardi

    If there’s anything worse than a legit site, I don’t know what it is. I’m hoping that this LavaLife.comsite ends up being one of the good ones.That would be nice.

  5. Dangerous James Redblade

    I don’t think this site is very good, but maybe I’m just being snobby about dating sites. I really don’t think that’s it tho…I think the site rly is as bad as it looks.

  6. Xavier Lester

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone signing up to test out Even if I hated them, they still don’t deserve to have to deal with this shitty site. That’ just mean.

  7. I’d give this site a higher rating if the women were anything special but as it were, they’re all pretty unattractive in my opinion. I like hot women like anyone else.

  8. It’s time to write a review for this site evven tho I thought I wrote on back in 2013. Guess I didn’t. I don’t realy have much to say beyond that I hate the site.

  9. Philip Saltser

    I haven’t used dating sites in years. I’ve been married and now that I’m divorced I want to start hooking up again, so I’ll try out to start with.

  10. Surreal Kangaroo

    Sites like this are becoming more and more prevalent. It’s easier to find a bad site than it is to find a good one and it used to be the exact opposite.

  11. Jeromy Mccune doesn’t deserve even the few good reviews it has. I don’t know how it got those. This site is terrible if you ask me at all and I hate it.

  12. If there’s a comparison to be made here, I can’t think of one. At least a comparison that involves another site being worse than this one. I’ve never used one this bad.

  13. I think this might be a scam but I’m not sure. I don’t know if you’re supposed to pay for dating sites so when this one wants me to I always want to..

  14. Jere Hooker

    I’m thinking that seems legit enough but maybe I just have terribile judgment and the site ends up being a complete and utter flop. I realy don’t want that.

  15. Silver Agent

    If you think this site si good then I’d hate to see your definition of bad. What must that be? So terrible it makes your brain die alittle when you use it?

  16. Brendan Woolery

    Test out if you want, but you’d be better off taking everyone’s advice and avoiding the site for your own good. It’s not a fun place to be imo.

  17. No rating exists that’s sufficient for this site. It’s sad but true. I don’t like a single thing about it and I wish I’d never spent any time on it.

  18. It’s 2013, so can we please have a site that doesn’t look like it was made in some cheap 90s web design program? I’m leaving a bad review bc the site looks bad.

  19. Elmer Spring

    This dating site has a slogan – “Where singles click”. Nice pun. I laughed. Alright,, get ready for me. I’m signing up for my profile right now, so we’ll see.

  20. Silver Agent

    Sites like this are going to be the death of me. I always sign up to test them out and see if I can meet a few women but 9 times out of 10 they’re bad.

  21. Isaias Finlay deserves a lot of reviews. BAD reviews. It amazes me that there are nay good ones at all bc I don’t see how anyone likes this awful site tbh.

  22. If there’s a site that’s worse in comparison to this one, I would hate to see it. This one is already bad enough and I don’t know anyone uses it.

  23. If this site doesn’t stop trying to scam me out of money I am going to scream. I didn’t like a thing about it and that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  24. Kirby Mcindoe

    Is there anything worse than a site that looks legit but isn’t? I don’t think so. I’m sitting here looking at but I’m a little hesitant to sign up bc of bad past experiences.

  25. Nervous Bad Lama

    I don’t think I have a single good thing to say about this site. It’s cheap and doesn’t work very well and everyone I know agrees with me on that.

  26. Leonardo Filby

    I don’t recommend signing up for, even to test it out. I used this site and then my computer had a virus so I wouldn’t trust it if I were you.

  27. I’ll never leave this site a high rating, even if it fixes the things I think are problematic about it. I hated everything about this site and I’ve washed my hands of it.

  28. Left-handed Bad Foal

    Looking back at 2013 I can honestly say that I probably would have had a better year if I hadn’t used these awful sites. I’m leaving bad reviews and then I’m out of here.

  29. Andres Langston

    I don’t want to use or any sites if they’re just going to keep being as bad as the ones I’ve used recently. If they’re just going to let me down, I’m don.

  30. Pale Billy Crawhawk

    I’m so tired of sites like this. They’re all terrible and quite honestly, I have no more use for them besides laughing at the fake profiles. They’re so bad it’s funny.

  31. Raymon Warner doesn’t seem like it has many reviews. I guess that means not a lot of people are using it, which is probably a good thing. This site isn’t very good.

  32. Not very good site in comparison to others I’ve seen my friends using. I’m just here to get laid, not deal with this site’s scam bullshit. No, I’m not paying for the site.

  33. I’m not positive about these things but I’m pretty sure this site is a scam. Anything that repetitively asks for your credit card information like that isn’t to be trusted.

  34. Jarrod Fowler

    Legit dating sites are so incredibly hard to find that I’m always wary of new ones. I wish I knew what was like before I evven try to sign up.

  35. Light Sergeant

    If you thought this site was good, tell me. I really want to know different points of view bc in my opinion there was nothing good at all about this site.


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