Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating


Review of


This site is a complete ghost town. There are no scams, really, but that's because there's just no one here at all.

Reviewed by is one of the most boring sites that we’ve ever been on. During our Mingle2 rating, we mostly were watching the calendar and wanting it to be over because nothing was happening, not because we were flooded with Mingle2 scams.

They’re there, too, though. isn’t really that dangerous, but we’re very certain that we’ll never go back here. This site is dead. Dead as a doornail, in fact, and that means you’ll never get a date on it.

casual dating SCAM ALERT img

Sites like this just need to be tossed off of a cliff, never to return. That’s because there’s nothing redeemable about them, and in the case of this one, there never will be.

Our Results After 4 Months on

We ended up spending a total of four months on our Mingle2 rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 320 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more Mingle2 scams.

The results were just pathetic.

From those 320 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 4 responses. That’s just shockingly bad, and really drove home exactly how empty and dead this site was overall.

overlay for Mingle2

Obviously, not a single woman asked us out. This means that our entire review of this site was a waste of time, but truth be told, we expected that on a site that was this dead.

Why Just Didn’t Work – Odds of a Scam: High

This site just doesn’t know how to advertise. We’re not sure when and how that ended up happening, but there’s a lot of marketing issues going on with this site without a doubt.

They also don’t care.

Once this site started failing, we’re pretty sure that the owners just peaced out and left it alone. We can’t blame them; we wouldn’t want to deal with this ghost town, either. in the News

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A g-spot massage is very tantric and great in the bedroom, so read this article and learn things that sites like will never teach you:

The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating?

There’s nothing here on, and that’s why we’d never even come close to recommending it. It’s just not good, and that’s why we’ll be glad to never come back.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site, It’s a ton of fun, and the results have really made it clear why it’s the best of the best.

35 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating”

  1. I can’t even think of a comparison to make bc honestly I’ve never used a site like this. No, I really don’t mean that in a good way at all.

  2. Bernard Munshower

    Is there a single good review for I’ll be surprised if there is, honestly. Everyone I know hated their time on this site and I don’t blame them at all.

  3. Snappy Elvish Brigadier

    The site says there’s no fakes but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site with more fake scam profiles. I couldn’t help but laugh at that bit of irony.

  4. Dino Close

    If you’re wondering if is legit then I think you’re in the right place…there are lots of people on here telling you if the site is good or not.

  5. Small Fairy

    There are women on here who make me think the site had potential to be good at one point bc they’re pretty. The site is bad, though, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  6. Cesar Henderson

    If you want to test out I guess that’s your decision, but trust me when I say that you’re going to regreat that decision immensely. I told you so.

  7. Giving this site a low rating was a knee-jerk reaction for me. I hated everything about it and I don’t want to ever see this stupid site again in my life.

  8. Screamy Foxy Crocodile

    It’s 2013, so can we adjust this site to actually reflect that? It’s a stupid reason, but I have to leave a bad review to this cheap-looking site. Sorry guys.

  9. seems like an okay dating site. I don’t ever have strong opinions on these things tho bc tbh they’re just dating sites…no need to get mad about them, guys.

  10. Freaky Mutant

    I’ll be happy if I never have to use sites like this again. They’re a pain in the ass and I never actually meet any women. What’s the damn point?

  11. Erick Dimsdale

    Post a review for and watch the site take it down…they don’t like you to say bad things about their site. What a dumb way to convince ppl the site’s good.

  12. There’s no comparison needed to truly convey just how worthless this site is. At least, I don’t really think there is. Just look at it and you’ll believe me, right?

  13. El Waterbuck

    There’s no scams on this site, I don’t think. Maybe. I’m not positive. I remember it really being 100% free just like it says on the homepage of the site.

  14. Norberto Veith

    If ends up not being legit, I’m probably not going to take a chance on any more dating sites for a long, long while. Here’s to hoping that this one is good.

  15. If anyone thought this site was good, I want to know what they think is bad. It must take a lot. Some ppl are so easily impressed with subpar things.

  16. Edgar Hynes is good for people who just want to test the waters of casual dating. If you’re in it for hookups, don’t bother with this shitty site. You’ll be better off.

  17. There’s really no rating that can express my disappointment and hatred for this awful site and its poor attempts at hooking people up for casual sex and anything remotely interesting.

  18. If there’s anything worse than a site that you can tell has fake reviews, it’s a site that doesn’t try to hide it. It’s 2013, ppl can trace these things.

  19. Samuel Thomas

    If there’s a dating site I haven’t used I like to sign up and do tests with how many responses I’ll get compared to messages. I’m going to do that with

  20. I think sites like this are a total waste of time. I didn’t like them before this site and I sure as hell don’t like them now. Not at all.

  21. doesn’t have very many good reviews…I wonder why that is. Oh, maybe because this site is terrible in just about every way you could judge it on. Trust me.

  22. I think the layout of this site is very lazy and plain in comparison to the look of other sites I’ve used before. It’s just not very impressive at all.

  23. Clown Temporary

    I don’t think this site is a scam, so at least there’s that. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like the site very much at all. It’s very bad.

  24. Amos Alcocke

    I think seems like just a normal dating site. I don’t know if I’ll sign up or not bc rn I actually already have a dating site I’m using, so I don’t need one.

  25. Boiling Desire Beaver

    I think things are finally going to be good again now that I’ve left this site and I don’t have its obnoxious spam e-mails in my inbox every other day.

  26. Barney Buzzard

    If you test out, be forewarned that half of the profiles are fake. “Tons of singles” is a lie, and a really dirty trick at that. Don’t fall for it.

  27. I have to give this a low rating. I’m disappointed with the whole site but especially how vanilla everything is. I wanted hookups, not shy flirting. This is ridiculous imo.

  28. Los Student

    I thought I used this site in 2013 but my login history says I used it this year. Interesting. That doesn’t change the fact that it gets a bad review.

  29. I’m not sure if is a dating site or if it’s more about hookups. Either would be fine…the site looks about average, so I guess it works that way too.

  30. Ruthless Endless Scissor

    I’m thinking that sites like this are getting to be all the same thing over and over and that’s just really frustrating in my opinon. What’s the point of that?

  31. Arden Gaskins

    I can’t leave a good review for There’s a lot of improvements that this site needs to make to actually be good. Maybe then I’ll try it out again.

  32. Most dating sites that say they’re free aren’t really, but this one really was. Too bad it’s terrible in comparison to other sites. Seriously, this site can’t do anything right.

  33. Dreaded Ray

    I was convinced this site was a scam. Nothing is ever truly free. Even though this was, it’s still a pretty bad site. Not even making it free saves it.

  34. Xavier Briner

    Does anyone know if is legit? I think I want to sign up but I’m not sure if it’s worth the time and effort to look for women on here.

  35. Ron Qvophase seems like it MIGHT be a good site for about two seconds but then you open your eyes and realize how bad it looks and works and you’re done.


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