Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating


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With nonexistent customer service, it's clear that the site administrators have long since abandoned this site. You should follow their lead.

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If the name isn’t stupid enough, then the site more than makes up for it. is one of the most ridiculously bad sites that we’ve seen in awhile, and that’s saying something.

This site just doesn’t try.

We’re pretty sure that gave up a long time ago, and that’s honestly for the best. So long as no one honestly tries to make this site work for real with all the uBangWithFriends scams in place, we think that it’s better to not even try to fix it.

casual dating SCAM ALERT img

During our uBangWithFriends rating, it became increasingly clear that the owners, at least, had just given up and left. That’s why the scams are just crawling all over this place freely, as far as we can tell.

Our Results After 4 Months on

We ended up spending a total of four months on our uBangWithFriends rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 320 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just uBangWithFriends scams.

pic UBangWithFriends overlay

Want better options with casual dating sites ? Our reviews have you covered.

The results were pathetic.

From those 320 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 31 responses. This was well below our minimum of 50%, and really made it clear exactly how bad this site was.

Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, either. We didn’t exactly have high hopes for that particular part, but hey, stranger things have happened. As it was, however, it was just disappointing.

Why Just Didn’t Work – Odds of a Scam: High

This site just has no customer service to speak of. If you want to report a scammer, it’s not going to happen, because they aren’t going to respond to you at all.

They don’t care.

They’ve long left and that means that they don’t give a damn about you. They aren’t going to do anything but take your money, and that means that you’re just wasting your time. in the News

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The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating?

We hated, and that means that we’d never even come close to recommending it. It’s not a good site, and it’s just going to waste your time.

Instead, check out It’s our number one site, and that means that you’ll definitely end up having a great time. You’ll actually get the dates that you want!

35 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating”

  1. There’s really no comparison between this site and others somewhat like it. It’s obvious that others might be worthwhile whereas this one definitely is not. Not at all, I think.

  2. Glen Armstrong

    I guess a review for is in order but sadly, I can’t be nice about this site. Normally I can overlook flaws, but not with this site. Not at all.

  3. Drill Intense

    I think this site is a scam and there’s no way anyone could convince me otherwise, I don’t think. I’m sorry but I’m just very dissatisfied with this site rn.

  4. Arthur Harrold

    I think I used for a while but I don’t remember much about it so I probably couldn’t even tell you if it’s legit or not right now tbh.

  5. Donkey Tasty

    Good grief. I am so glad I finally severed ties with this awful site that was sucking up so much of my time and giving me nothing in return. It was unhealthy, really.

  6. Eldon Fleming

    I thought it would good to test out, but once I used it I realized how wrong I was about that bit of information. This site is worth nothing.

  7. If a rating is necessary for this site, I’d give it a 1 out of 10 stars, MAYBE. Id din’t like the site at all and I’ve already stopped using it.

  8. Forgotten Power

    This site has a presence on every social network site. I know it’s 2013, but that’s ridiculous. The one thing it doesn’t have tho is good reviews. Mine isn’t good.

  9. Jewel Driggers

    Dating sites are iffy imo, so I don’t know if this site I’ve found is going to be worth my time. I really need to get laid though, tbh.

  10. Jane Blackstroker

    I think sites like this are all out to steal peoples’ hard earned money but even worse, their valuable time. I don’t know what’s worse, to be honest with you.

  11. Jarrod Carbaugh

    There isn’t a review out there for that could convince me that the site is worth another second of my time. I’ve already made up my mind on this.

  12. The women on this site are ugly in comparison to the women on others and the site runs less smoothly when compared to others so I’m just done with it.

  13. If there’s anything worse than a scam site, it’s a site that not only wants to scam you out of money but also has tons of misleading fake profiles imo.

  14. Isreal Hughes

    There’s a rumor going around that this site isn’t legit…people are saying it’s a scam. Those are big words to throw around. I’ll have to use it to find out.

  15. This site has no redeeming qualities. Absolutely nothing good whatsoever, and I swear that isn’t an exaggeration. I don’t think I have a single nice thing to say about it.

  16. Lyndon Dimeling

    A test run of is far more than it deserves. What it deserves is to be expunged from the internet forever and never spoken of again if you ask me.

  17. Someone explain to me how this site has any ratings above maybe a two? Id’ really like to know, because I thought this was the worst site I’ve ever used.

  18. Forsaken Duck

    I used this site for part of 2013 and I think I left a bad review then, but let’s just leave another one now just for good measure, shall we?

  19. Jerry Sutton

    I haven’t used a lot of dating sites recently so I don’t know what the standard is for how good they are. Is a good one or should I use something different?

  20. Surreal Trombone

    I wish sites like this could be removed from the Internet. It should be illegal to have a dating site with all those misleading fake profiles fooling people into shit.

  21. Nicolas Callison deserves a review alright, and I’d be happy to give it one. I don’t have a lot to say tho, just that you should stay away from this site..

  22. This site doesn’t seem to run very smoothly, at least not in comparison to a few of the others I’ve seen being used a lot recently. That’s really frustrating to me.

  23. Maximum Jaguar

    I swore up and down this site was a scam when my friend started using it but he didn’t believe me. Now it’s scammed him out of money and I can say I told him so.

  24. Chance Mackendrick

    I think that might be legit but I’m not sure. I really don’t know much about dating sites so I don’t know what exactly I’m talking about here tbh.

  25. I thought I was beign too picky when I didn’t think this site was very good so it’s refreshing to see all the other reviews on here from people who didn’t like it either.

  26. Cristobal Newbiggin

    I was persuaded to test out by a friend of mine. I’m sorry I wasted my time even loading up the page becaue this site is one of the worst I’ve seen.

  27. Rating this site lowly is the best I can do. That and hope that someone will get it taken off the Internet when it scams the wrong person someday. Sweet revenge.

  28. The Gutsy Sergeant

    2013 is over but I still remember using this site. It wasn’t very good, so I’m here now to leave a bad review for it. Sorry I’m late, but I’m here.

  29. Hershel Williamson

    I’m still kind of new to the world of dating sites so I’m not sure if I want to try out yet or not. Is it a good site to use?

  30. White Skeleton

    I don’t think sites like this give a damn who uses them and what they think as long as they’re scamming poor saps out of their money, I really don’t.

  31. Alex Throckmorton

    There’s nothing that could persuade me to leave a good review for I didn’t like anything about this site and I didn’t meet any hot women on here at all.

  32. If you think a comparison is necessary, be my guest and make one but I don’t think you need it to understand just how bad this site really is. Just look at it.

  33. I thought this site looked sketcy and hey, what do you know, it ended up being revealed as a scam site in some article on a forum. I’m not surprised.

  34. Doug Gibson

    There’s a few dating sites that ppl are using regularly rn that I haven’t tried yet and is one of them. I wonder what it’s like, to be honest.

  35. Moving Epsilon

    There’s nothing good about this site. I tried to think of something nice to say but I’m sorry, I’m drawing a blank right now. This site pisses me off bad.


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