Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating


Review of


This site may have been active once, but it's sure not now. You won't find anyone living here, but you sure will find malware-ridden ads.

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Coming across a site like just means that we get to drink more that particular night. That was definitely the case during our xMatch rating, because boy, does this site not skimp on the xMatch scams.

It’s a pit of vipers. could have been great, theoretically speaking, but so was Rome at one point, and it certainly did fall. That’s definitely the case here, but it’s even worse.

casual dating SCAM ALERT img

This site was never that great. There are some old, inactive profiles that prove that it might have had more members at one point, but considering they’re now all taken over with scam bots, we really have to wonder if that counts for much of anything. Probably not.

Our Results After 4 Months on

We ended up spending a total of four months on our xMatch rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 320 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just xMatch scams.

We were very disappointed.

From those 320 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 23 responses. If that isn’t pathetic to you, then you’re wrong. We could barely get a single woman to talk to us.

xMatch picture overlay

Dodge the scams. Our reviews of casual dating sites only have legit sites.

Not a single woman wanted to go out with us, either, and that means that ultimately, our entire review of this site was just one big waste of time after another.

Why Just Didn’t Work – Odds of a Scam: High

No one is on this site. Trying to find a real woman on here is like a needle in a haystack that’s long been taken out and thrown into the river. That is to say: they don’t exist.

No one would want to join this site.

We can’t blame them for leaving. This site is poorly designed and really irritating to use, and it’s basically just a giant place to post ads that contain malware. It’s not sexy, and it’s not fun. in the News

There are a lot of forms of sexual dysfunction out there, and this article helps you out in ways that can’t at all:

Knowing about sexual paraphilia will make it that much easier to deal with your own, so check out this article when can’t answer your questions:

The Votes Are In: Our Call on Using for Casual Dating?

We didn’t like at all, and that’s why we’d never even begin to recommend a site like this to anyone that’s serious about their online casual dating.

Instead, check out It’s our number one site, and we absolutely adore it. It really does work.

35 Responses to “Complete Review: Why Didn’t Cut It for Causal Dating”

  1. I was going to make a comparison but I can’t remember which of the actual good sites I was going to compare it to. Suffice to say that this site is bad.

  2. Hipolito Johns

    I think deserves a review but I don’t think it deserves a good one. This site needs some major improvements before it’s anything worthwhile, at least in my opinon.

  3. William Wormwood

    I feel like if used this site I’m going to get caught up in a scam and my credit cards are going to be maxed out. I’m not taking my chances.

  4. Scott Sell

    Whenever I use a new dating sit ethese days I just find myself crossing my fingers and hoping it ends up being legit. That’s where I am rn with

  5. Pink Eagle

    Is there anything good about this site? I keep hoping it’ll get better but its been a while and it hasn’t, so I think I’m deleting my profile right now.

  6. Pete Wildman

    Test out and you’re going to see exactly what I and all of these other bad reviews are talking about. This site is a waste of your time imo.

  7. There’s no rating scale that goes low enough for this site. Even below a 0, this site is sitting at a -5 or something like that. It’s THAT bad andI am THAT mad about it.

  8. Aberrant Electron

    Looking back at my year in review, I think 2013 was good up until I made the decision to start using this site. Things went downhill from there pretty quickly.

  9. Tad Philbrick

    I’ve used almost every popular dating site out there at some point or another. I like to test them out when I hear about them. Next up on the list is

  10. Remote Autumn

    If I use another site like this I don’t know what I’ll do. Who am I kidding, though…all dating sites nowadays are sites like this. I can’t ever escape them.

  11. Cecil Chapman

    If you post a review for and leave it a good one what the hell is the matter with you? Sorry I sound confrontational, but how do you like anything about this site?

  12. When you look at this site in comparison to others I’ve used, well, let’s just say the results are…very drastic. It’s pretty pathetic, honestly, at least if you ask me.

  13. Sweet Canary

    Are these actually real people leaving comments or are they hired by the site? I think it’s all an elaborate scam. I’m convinced. There’s no way it isn’t. I swear.

  14. Dirk Thorley

    I’m hoping this site is legit as my friend that sent me here said it is. It’s called and I guess tha tname seems alright…I don’t want to use a site that isn’t good.

  15. Hideous Breeze

    I wanted this site to be good. I wanted it bad, because I thought the woman on the homepage was really hot. I guess those pics aren’t actual members, though..

  16. I guess I wanted to test out because I was desperate. This site was bad and I’m never letting myself get that stupidly desperate again, trust me on that.

  17. A low rating is due to this site for a lot of reasons. The bad messaging system, the scams, the viruses my computer now has…where should I stop with this?

  18. Sweet Tiny Puppy

    I used this site in 2013 and I thought I posted a review then, but I guess I didn’t. Now is good too though. This site was pretty bad and I doubt it’s gotten better.

  19. Ernesto Mckee

    I used this dating site for a while but I don’t remember what I thought about it…I’m sorry but I guess I have no point being on this review site.

  20. Jackal Tough

    I need for sites like this to get better. I’m going to scream if I use another site that just wants to scam me out of my money. I hate it.

  21. Heath Thomas

    How could I ever leave a good review for Just look at the site and tell me you think it deserves any kind of praise you could give it.

  22. In comparison to other sites out there I bet this one is especially bad. I haven’t used a lot of others but I bet this is one of the worst.

  23. The Sapphire

    This site keeps trying to ask for my credit card info and there is no way I’m giving that out. I will NOT get caught up in some stupid scam.

  24. Jarred Jolce

    I’m hoping that this site ends up being legit because rn I’m a little on the fence about it. I’m not too comfortable with it yet, but maybe I’m just picky..

  25. Aimless Flag

    If there’s anything good about this site, I guess I missed it. I really don’t think I did, though. I was all over this site and found no redeeming qualities.

  26. Terrell Williams

    I can’t remember for the life of me why I wanted to test out I used it and I liked nothing about it and looking back at the homepage, idk what I saw.

  27. If there’s a rating system that goes lower than a 0 I beg anyone to let me know so that my true feelings for this site can be known to anyone reading this.

  28. Black Turtle

    It’s 2013 and I know that porn is an acccepting thing now but there shouldn’t be naked pics on the homepage. It makes it really hard to be discreet, so I’m leaving a bad review.

  29. Dating via had better be easy, or I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m sick of dating sites (and women too, but that’s another story) that just string you along.

  30. Sites like this deserve to be shut down for good. They’re not even dating sites, they’re just ways to get softcore porn without being on a porn site. Try harder.

  31. Billie Hawkins

    If there’s one opinion I want to make known in my review of, it’s that the women on this site are much less attractive than women you’ll probably find on other sites.

  32. There’s no comparison when you look at this site against others, purely because a lot of other sites actually work and look good, unlike this on. I’m done with this.

  33. Charlotte Ruthless Sangre

    It says join for free but what it doesn’t tell you is that it will try and make you pay later to do anything else. I’m not about that life.

  34. Dorian Moulton seems legit at first glance, but like I said, that’s just first glance. Who knows what it will actually be like once I start using the site and seeing how it works.

  35. The Lightning Stormy Bandit

    I’ve used dating sites that aren’t good before but this one…wow, this one just really takes the cake. There’s so much I have to say about this terrible excuse of a site.


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