Casual Dating vs. Cheating

Casual dating sites in Canada aren’t for cheaters. They aren’t for guys in long-term relationships that want to meet up with other women, or married women that want to meet up with men.

Those sites attract different ladies.

Here’s the thing to remember: casual dating is all about a certain demographic. Usually, there are a lot of younger professionals in the group, and that means that we just don’t have the time for long-term relationships.

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This is definitely different than cheating. Even if you’re seeing multiple women at once on a casual dating site that is real, that doesn’t mean you’re a cheater. It just means that you’re working the system.

Our casual dating site ratings really are geared towards guys that are looking to have some casual fun, not guys that are looking to cheat on their wives or girlfriends. That’s something to remember when you’re looking for a site that best suits you.

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There’s no baggage.

The main difference between casual dating and cheating is the serious lack of baggage involved. If you’re cheating, there’s going to be a lot of drama involved that most people don’t want.

Cheating requires a ton of discretion, and casual dating doesn’t. Cheating is all about keeping things secret, where it should be a plus that you can chat about your other dates.

Women that get into casual dating aren’t going to want the drama of a married man. Cheating sites are a totally different breed, and it’s important to separate the two.

Cheating requires lying.

For the most part, we really think that honesty is the best policy in the land of casual dating. A few little white lies are okay, but otherwise, you should be an open book.

Women value that honesty. They want to have a casual date with a guy that’s really going to be open and fun about his interests, and if you’re into cheating, that’s not going to be the case.

The thing about cheating is that there’s always going to be a good amount of lying involved. It’s not the cleanest sort of thing out there, and while that’s fine, we just need you to realize that it’s definitely a whole world away from casual dating.

To get the best results, you need the right site.

Our ratings and reviews really just don’t take cheating into account. We’re rating and reviewing for people that are after one thing, and one thing only: casual dating experiences.

If you want to have an experience in casual dating, it’s important that you’re open and upfront. If you’re married and trying to make it happen, you are definitely going to have to lie a bit more.

This is why it’s so important to use a site that’s tailored towards you and your interests. There are a ton of great cheater sites out there, but casual dating and cheating aren’t exactly the best mix.

There’s nothing casual about cheating.

Cheating requires a lot of planning and a lot of discretion. The thing about casual dating is that it’s supposed to be less stress, which cheating, by the nature of it, is not.

We’ve met some cheaters that can make casual dating work for them, but in general, it’s just a bad idea if you really want to preserve your marriage at the same time.

We’re not here to judge. Cheaters are welcome on casual dating sites, but again, it requires a whole different mindset to really make it end up working so that you get laid.

If you can’t relax, what’s the point?

Casual dating is supposed to be an escape from the daily grind, and that’s why we really think that in general, it’s just not as safe for people to try and use casual dating for cheating.

If you can’t feel that stress melt away, we really have to wonder what the point is. We hate not being able to relax on our casual dating ventures, and we know we wouldn’t be able to if cheating was brought into the equation.

This is why you have to weigh the pros and cons of trying to casually date and cheat…and why you need to know the difference. There’s definitely a big one, and we just feel like too many men ignore it.


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