Respect Gets the Goods

You’d think that this would be common sense, but apparently, it isn’t. Yes, respecting the ladies that you’re trying to get in bed with will definitely help you get laid more often.

Always remember this.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a free casual dating site or one of the top casual dating sites out on the internet–you should always respect the women that you come across.

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This is the number one thing that we’ve always clung to while we compared casual dating sites. If you can’t respect the women that you’re interested in, you’re just not going to get laid.

You’ll quickly find that the women on these sites really do talk. They will let other ladies know if you aren’t treating them right, and you’ll end up with a reputation that you don’t want.

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So make sure that you’re respectful.

Forget the reputation. You need to still treat these women like they are your fellow human beings, even if you never end up in the sack with them. That just means that you’re a decent person.

The thing you really should keep in mind is that you should be treating these women like they are your friends. The more you treat them like that, the more likely you’re going to get in bed with them.

You’ll also find that they are just that much more fun. Casual dating is all about having fun, and if you actually go into it and treat these ladies like they’re your friends, you’re going to have a blast.

These women want sex already.

Drop the idea that they’re going to ‘friend zone’ you if you end up being friendly with them. They want a guy that’s going to be open and fun; they don’t want a guy constantly acting desperate.

If you’re rude to them, they’re going to write you off. The thing is, there are tons of guys out there. These women know they can get laid, and there’s no reason for them to settle.

This is why you really want to throw away the idea of sending her mixed signals. They’re out to get laid, so if you’re friendly, then you’re a step above the rest of the guys.

It’s not going to put them off.

If they wanted to find ‘just a friend’, they wouldn’t be on a site to get laid. They’d be out on Facebook instead, and that’s a fact. That’s why you need to really try to have fun with them.

Friend zoning, in general, is an outdated concept that just helps you avoid getting laid. We’ve discovered that the friendlier you are, the better. These women really want to have fun!

The other thing to remember is that the sky’s the limit. If you’re a respectful, fun guy, these women are going to come flocking to you without a doubt, and that’s a great feeling.

Live it up.

If you can actually act like a decent human being, then you can really reap the benefits, and that’s something you always need to remember. There’s no need to feel pressured to act a certain way.

The thing is: if you end up forcing yourself to be a certain way around her, she’s going to notice, and that’s going to turn her off. Respect yourself enough to really be confident in yourself.

She’ll know the difference. Women aren’t stupid, and the ladies on these sites are even smarter than you’d ever believe. That means that they’re on the lookout for a great guy, and know it when they see one.

Be that guy.

If you can respect her, be confident, and have fun, then you’re a catch. She’s going to know it, and she’s going to go for it more than you’d ever imagine her to, which is a great thing.

Be the kind of guy that she wants to jump for immediately. Be the guy that she starts chasing after. If you’re fun, friendly, and exciting, then she’s going to be after you like white on rice.

Just keep an open mind above all. You’ll really see a difference, and it’s the difference that’s really going to count.


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