Women Don’t Work the Way You Expect

What you need to understand is that ladies just aren’t cut out of molds. There are a lot of stereotypes out there that you need to avoid, especially when you’re looking for dating sites that really work for you.

That being said, women aren’t difficult.

So many guys out there paint women to be incredibly difficult to handle and deal with. That really isn’t the case at all, and it’s basically a huge insult for us to assume that.

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Ladies on these sites, whether they’re free casual dating sites or premium ones, are really just out to have fun. That means that they’re actually a lot easier to deal with than you ever thought.

When we compared casual dating sites, we figured out pretty quickly that ladies just really want us to be honest with them. If you can be honest and have a ton of fun with them, you’ll be that much more successful.

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These women don’t want much.

Remember, this isn’t like traditional dating. This isn’t a matter of women wanting to be gifted a ton of things or treated like perfect pampered princesses all the time.

The main thing that these women want is a guy that can take them out and give them a good time. If you’re capable of having fun, you’re capable of getting a woman.

On top of that good time, they want to be with a guy that’s honest and confident about what he wants. If you can be that kind of guy, then you’re really going to be set.

Being honest is easy.

While a lot of sites out there are going to tell you that it’s okay to lie, that’s not always the case. You don’t have to tell her everything, but the more you do tell her, the better.

Little white lies are okay in moderation. It’s all a matter of choosing what to lie about, and being able to back it up. Too many times have we seen guys just not able to back it up, however, and that’s going to be the kiss of death in any casual dating scenario.

These women want to be with a guy that’s open and honest about sex more than anything. They don’t care what kind of job you have or what you do in your spare time so long as you can carry on a conversation long enough to hold their interest and get in the sack with them.

Just keep it classy.

These women want to have fun, and they want a confident guy that’s going to keep it classy. While they don’t expect a guy that’s going to wine and dine them, they do want you to be good to them.

This means common courtesies. This means being a gentleman and taking care of them in bed. This means respecting them, and in general, making sure they have a great time.

If you can do these things, then you’re golden. It’s really easy, and we’re not sure why or how so many guys out there just end up floundering when the time comes to treat a woman right.

Just cover your bases.

You want to be prepared when you end up meeting up with her, so make it happen. Have a kit ready to go, and really be ready to whip it out at a moment’s notice.

The other thing you need to always remember is to talk to her before you jump into any sexual fantasy or kink. By doing this, you’re really covering your bases and making sure she gets what she wants.

You’ll be able to have all the fun in the world so long as you just pay attention to your woman and make sure she’s happy. If she’s happy, she’s going to end up coming back for more.

A regular hookup is a good thing.

If you’ve got a woman that’s into you and really likes hooking up with you, then you’re set. Remember, these women just want to have fun. If you’ve got her convinced that you’re fun and exciting, she’s going to come back way more often than not.

Good luck on the casual dating front, and remember: these ladies want it as much as you do.


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