Why It’s Okay for Guys to Wear Makeup

When you hear the word “makeup” you probably think of lipstick, bright colors, and women who have layers of the crap on their face. It’s definitely not something that a guy would be down to wear. That’s totally legit, but the fact is that not all makeup is like that. The gut reaction says it’s only for women and some gay guys, but really anyone can wear makeup. There’s a lot more to the stuff than bright colors and thick creams. Using the right amount of makeup is completely reasonable for a guy to do. It Makes You Look Better Makeup’s very first purpose in life is to make people look better. In Egypt pharaohs would wear makeup for ceremonies and to decorate themselves. The women would use it to look more attractive and hopefully get a man who could make their lives better. Now we use it to cover imperfections. Unless you’re seriously confident, you probably have something that you wish you could change up just a little. Makeup can help you do that. It’s Evening the Odds Whoever said that makeup is only for the ladies? It’s completely unfair and, you know what, it’s sexist. They’re always complaining about sexism happening to them, but this is totally one-sided.…

What to Expect in Internet Dating

Dating in the real world isn’t always easy. Dating online has its own learning curve. Despite that fact, online dating has its perks. Where else are you going to be able to meet scores of sexy ladies all looking for the same thing you are? Maybe you’ve struck out with the women you’ve met face to face, so why not try meeting them online? Obviously there’s going to be a lot of differences between real and online dating. Let’s be honest-most guys turn to Internet dating just to score some quick and easy hookups with online hotties. And why not, if it works? But it’s also possible to find romance online too, if that’s what you want. Just like conventional dating, if you want to improve your game, you need to understand the rules. It’s a Numbers Game In regular dating you’re meeting a woman face to face. This makes it a lot easier to tell if there’s mutual body chemistry. If there isn’t, you can just drop her and move on. When you’re meeting women online it’s harder to tell if there’s mutual interest. You’re going to find a ton of sexy, single women online, but you won’t have a connection with all of them. This is why you…

Top Three Tips for Taking Your Online Romance IRL

You’ve been talking to your online sweetheart for months now. You’ve emailed, instant messaged, and flirted. You’re Facebook friends, and you know for sure that she’s not lying about her identity. You’ve probably talked on the phone, and maybe even sexted. None of that makes you feel ready to actually meet in person. When you’re ready to take this online relationship to the real world keep these tips in mind. Lower Your Expectations There’s a lot riding on this relationship and meeting. You’ve put off a lot of hopes and dreams to the day that you meet. You have ten thousand things you want to do with her. Every plan that you’ve ever talked about, from staying in and watching movies to having romantic dates on the beach are going through your head. What you need to do is calm yourself down and lower your expectations for this encounter. You want fireworks to go off as soon as you kiss for the first time, but the truth is that you’re still people meeting for the first time. If you put too much pressure on this first meeting going well you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Try to treat this as just another first date with someone you’ve been interested…

Side-Stepping Commitment

Everyone thinks that commitment is so great. We accept that we’re in a relationship and we should just have sex with that one person. No more feelings for anyone else count and you’re just expected to go with it. Why is that? You shouldn’t be boxed into something that doesn’t keep you happy. But we’ve been so brainwashed as a society that we believe you grow up, get married, and make babies. You’ve got to have some baby making practice in there somewhere, and really the only way to get that is to side-step the whole commitment thing. With a horde of commitment zombies you’re going to have to get creative. Keep It Passionate Without Being Intimate Guys tend to smoosh these two things together, but to a woman they are not even in the same category. She will be passionate about many things; one of them might even be you. But when it comes to being intimate she only does that when she feels safe, comfortable, and accepted. So if you’re going to tap into that passion without getting intimate you’ve got to start getting in on that rowdy, nasty sex that most people would be embarrassed to think about. Keep that while still hanging out, but avoid romance.…

Should You Fly Out to Meet Your Online Lover?

In our modern age a ton of people are meeting online. There are websites specifically for dating, social media sites that inadvertently hooking people up, and randomly finding women to date. Eventually a relationship forms and an issue arises. You live in totally different places. Feelings get really strong and your brain struggles to tell them to shut up. Now the question is should you fly out to meet your online lover? Who’s Paying? All right, this sounds so shallow but you’ve got to consider who’s paying. Online relationships are sort of like talking crap online. When you’re behind a computer screen it’s easy to say all of those awesome, clever things that are just right. But in person you might puss out and be extremely awkward. So when you’re taking a chance on someone not being awkward and terrible in real life you’re wasting more than time if you’re wrong. The cost of a ticket is ridiculous. This isn’t to say that if she’s going to be paying you should hop on the plane with no question…actually, it is. Then it would be the worst case scenario of losing some time. The other aspect is that if she’s willing to fly you out you know that you’re going to…


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