Getting Seriously Kinky There are all sorts of guides to getting kinky with your lady that involve velvet masks or wimpy handcuffs. That’s all fine and dandy for beginners, but eventually you’re going to want to go way beyond that. Sites market this advice to people as if they don’t want to get seriously kinky ever. While you might have some fantasies you would love to fulfill, it can be hard to consistently come up with honestly kinky crap to do with your woman. When your love life gets boring, ask her if she’s down to try any of these kinks: A Threesome This is the most stereotypical way a guy can ask a woman to start getting weird. Introducing a threesome as just having sex with three people is a really limited view, though. Instead of throwing down with any combo of the threesome, consider having someone watch the two of you go at it. There are tons of voyeurs in the world who would be glad to oblige. She might like the idea more than actually seeing you please someone else. Another option would be to watch her with another guy. It’s ridiculous how many guys get off on the idea of seeing another guy get their lady…

Foreplay Tips for a New Partner When It’s Been a While

It’s great to be able to bust out of your rut by hooking up with someone new. You could be rusty if you haven’t had a lot of recent practice, though. Foreplay is the most important part of sex when it comes to pleasing your partner. If you want to keep her coming back for more, foreplay is your time to shine. Here are some tips to help you out if your creativity is running low after a dry spell. Take It Slow When it’s been awhile you can be tempted to rush into things. Get a grip and take things slow. You want to make sure that she’s so sensitive that she can feel your breath on her skin. You want her to be wet and ready by the time anything serious happens. With that in mind, you can’t rush this. You might be champing at the bit to get down to business, but contain yourself. The longer you make foreplay, the more she’s going to enjoy sex. The more she enjoys it, the sooner you’ll be able to do it again. Have Some Fun Toys Around If you want a spicy encounter, be sure to bring a couple low key toys to the bedroom. You don’t want to…

Bold Moves for Bad Dates

Every man has had a first date that he knows isn’t going to lead to a second one. Nothing goes right the entire night. You find out she has the opposite political opinions of you. The movie sucked. The dinner you got was terrible. Everything about this date was wrong and you’re just counting the minutes until you can politely leave when you should be planning your next move. If you’re really on a date from hell you don’t have anything to lose by trying one of these bold moves on your date. Ask Her to Go to a Hotel Hotel sex is the best sex that you can have if it’s not your birthday. With that in mind, a lot of guys don’t ask for it. It’s presumptive and rude. Especially if you’re not sure that she wants to have sex with you. However, when you’re at the tail end of a bad date you really don’t have anything to lose. Women get excited too. She could be disappointed with the way things are going. So as you drive her home, why not point out some place off the beaten track and ask if she’d like to check in for a couple hours or the night? You know you…


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