What to do if Your Ex is Still in the Picture

It’s not unusual to remain friends with an ex-girlfriend. A lot of the time failed relationships grow into friendships. This can become a problem when you start dating a new woman. Women want to know that they’re the only one in your life, so if you still talk regularly to an old flame, she’s not going to be happy. It might become such a big problem that she gives you an ultimatum: it’s her or the ex. In that case you’re going to have to decide which is more important to you. If you’d really like to stay friends with your ex AND keep dating this woman, you’re going to have to work out a fix. Downplay It Once she finds out you’re still friends with an ex, she’s going to start assuming the worst. What you need to do is downplay the entire situation. Make it sound like the ex is just a casual acquaintance even if she isn’t. You want her to think that your relationship with your ex is small and insignificant. Focus on Her Make a point of emphasizing how much you like everything about her. Compliment her. When you’re together, focus on making her realize how much your relationship means. If she’s got all of…

The Competitive Edge: How to Succeed if She’s Playing the Field

Online dating is a number’s game for men and women both. You’ve got better chances of finding a match with the more women you approach and it’s the same for the ladies. This means that when you find a woman who has responded to your inquiries, the chances are good that she’s also talking to other guys aside from you. If you want to be the one that she chooses to meet up with, you’re going to have to stand out from the others. Make Your Profile Perfect Your profile is probably what drew her to you in the first place. It might also be the reason she chooses you over the other guys she’s talking to. So to improve your chances, you need to make sure your profile is engaging enough to make her want to read through it more than once. How do you do this? First of all, keep it realistic. When you’re writing about your work and interests, don’t go crazy with embellishment. Lying about your salary when reality is very different is only going to bite you in the ass later when she figures it out. The same goes for your prowess in sports or awards you’ve won. It’s alright to take a little creative…

Five Things You Don’t Notice That Women Hate on Dates

Every once in awhile you go on what you think is a great date and find out a couple days later that she hated it. You don’t know why, you don’t know where, and you might not ever know. Sometimes it’s just a mystery. However, if you find that a lot of your dates are ending abruptly and you’re not getting many second dates, you could be pulling these common issues that women hate. When You Order Way Less or Way More than She Does Women want the bill to be about even at a restaurant. She wants to spend a little bit less than you, because that makes her feel dainty and ladylike. However, she really does want it to only be a little less. When the bill matches up she can feel like an equal in the relationship and situation. If you order way more than she does, you’ll look like a spend thrift glutton. If you order far less than she does, she’s going to feel like you’re judging her just for eating a meal. When Your Car Autoplays the Radio There’s nothing a woman hates more than getting into a car and suddenly having the conversation drowned out by a blast from the radio. Make sure…


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