Putting Up With Her Pets

Everyone in the world seems to love some sort of an animal. Some people have cats, others dogs, and some just have stupid fish. Whatever the case may be for them, it doesn’t always apply to you. A smoking hot woman can have you over that night but if her yappy little Pomeranian doesn’t like you you could be getting cock blocked. But don’t let an animal get in the way of your boning destiny. Take matters into your own hands and find a way to put up with her pets. Bribe It It’s a low blow, but bribing the animal is the easiest way to get it to stop being annoying. When you come over, bring a treat. Dogs, cats, birds, and any other living animal need to eat in general, but when you give it something special it will start associating that awesome treat with you. You are the treat bringer, all will worship. Just make sure that you aren’t constantly supplying it. If you do give it the treat the whole time during your visit the animal is just going to bother you for more. Say hi, give attention, feed treat, and then continue on with your evening. Ignore It Ignoring the animal might put a little…

Getting in Her Personal Space: The Right Way

There’s definitely a way to get close to a woman. Sadly, a lot of guys just don’t know how to do it without creeping her out, and that’s one hell of a shame. Women that you’re casually hooking up with really want you to get up and into their space, and there’s definitely an art to it without making her feel weirded out about you. Fortunately, we’ve been there, done it all, and we really know how to make a woman love the fact that you’re making the moves on here and climbing her like a tree sooner rather than later. Start With Slow Touches The real key to getting up and in her personal space is to start slow. We’re not telling you to ‘start slow’ by putting a hand on her thigh, because spoilers: that’s really not that slow at all. That’s actually pretty rude. Instead, we think that sitting next to her is starting slow. Eventually, you can actually get an arm around her, and that’ll probably still be fine. If she’s okay with that, then it’s a matter of rubbing her back, touching her hair, and from there if she’s into it, then you’re going to basically be golden…but just don’t move too fast when you…

Dates to Plan if She’s an Extrovert

Dating an extroverted woman can lead to some wild times. She’ll love being out in crowded places interacting with tons of other people. Planning dates should be pretty easy, right? Well, not if you’re an introvert or a less enthusiastic extrovert. You don’t need to wrack your brain figuring out how to keep her happy. Planning dates for an extrovert can be pretty easy. Karaoke Most extroverts enjoy a good night of karaoke. Plan a date at a karaoke bar or club that’s well known and popular so that there’ll be a good crowd. If singing in front of others isn’t really your thing, arrange to head out with a group of friends so that you can remain in the audience while everyone else goes up to sing. Surprise your date ahead of time by checking to see if songs that you know she loves are available. Music Festival Arrange a weekend trip to a music festival to really win her over. Obviously, you’ll want to go to a festival where some of her favorite bands are playing. Or, you can be adventurous and head to a festival where neither of you are familiar with the bands. That way you’ll both be experiencing new music while having an awesome time.…

Building a “Message Me If” Section That Gets You Dates

If you aren’t getting the kind of messages that you deserve on an online dating site the culprit could be your “message me if” section. To put it into business terms, this is your call to action at the end of your profile. Just as you would urge a potential customer to buy now, while supplies last, you need to urge a lady to get over her shyness and send you a message. How can you turn your boring section into a call to action that gets the ladies in a line to hook up? Never Give Them the Option to Ignore You You might think that it’s a cool marketing ploy to say something like, “Message me! Or don’t. It’s whatever you want to do.” Don’t remind her that she doesn’t have to message you. She already knows. What you need to do is make it difficult for her to ignore you. Playing it cool is good when you’re having a conversation, but it’s bad for a salesman. The message me section is where you can tell her exactly what she’s going to get when she goes out with you. Don’t throw this chance away. Use Specific Hooks to Get Her Attention Don’t fill this space with really generic…


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