When Should You Make It Social Network Official?

If you’ve been on a few dates with a lady you want to take it to the next level: making it public on your social networks. However, if she doesn’t bring it up it can be hard to know if you should. She might be hiding out from an ex, or she could just think that you’re not there yet. Here are the three signs that you, at least, are ready for it to be all over the Internet. You’ve at Least Had Sex If you’ve been on a few dates but haven’t actually done the deed, it’s too soon. There isn’t even much of a relationship to put up there yet. Unless the two of you have discussed waiting for marriage or something of that sort, you’re not even really dating until you’ve had sex. So calm down, there. Focus on getting laid, and then focus on letting the world know that she’s your girlfriend. This way, if the two of you end up not being compatible sexually you can relax, secure in the knowledge that you weren’t publicly humiliated by having to go from “in a relationship” to “single” in front of all your friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family members. You’re Exclusive This seems like a no brainer,…

Three Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Strong

Whether you met online or you had to move to take a job offer, you’ve found yourself in a long distance relationship. It’s great in some ways. You have total freedom, you don’t have to deal with a woman rearranging all your stuff, and you can live alone. However, long distance puts a lot of pressure on a relationship. You can’t see each other every day, so how can you be sure that your relationship is stable and healthy? These tips will keep your long distance relationship as strong as the day it started. Tell Your Friends This is especially true of relationships that begin through a dating site. You shouldn’t feel like you have your real life where you’re single and your online life with a girlfriend. Your girlfriend will resent being kept a secret, and you’ll be put into all kinds of awkward situations because people believe that you’re single. More and more people are meeting and connecting online. There’s not the same stigma attached to online dating that there used to be. You knew that you wanted a woman with specific qualities, so you found her. Don’t be ashamed to tell your friends how you met! Plus, being able to talk about her to someone means that…

Building a “Message Me If” Section That Gets You Dates

If you aren’t getting the kind of messages that you deserve on an online dating site the culprit could be your “message me if” section. To put it into business terms, this is your call to action at the end of your profile. Just as you would urge a potential customer to buy now, while supplies last, you need to urge a lady to get over her shyness and send you a message. How can you turn your boring section into a call to action that gets the ladies in a line to hook up? Never Give Them the Option to Ignore You You might think that it’s a cool marketing ploy to say something like, “Message me! Or don’t. It’s whatever you want to do.” Don’t remind her that she doesn’t have to message you. She already knows. What you need to do is make it difficult for her to ignore you. Playing it cool is good when you’re having a conversation, but it’s bad for a salesman. The message me section is where you can tell her exactly what she’s going to get when she goes out with you. Don’t throw this chance away. Use Specific Hooks to Get Her Attention Don’t fill this space with really generic…


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