Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Porn Viewing Habits

First and foremost, it’s important for you to realize that getting into porn and enjoying it isn’t a crime. There’s nothing wrong with it, and that’s why you shouldn’t hide it in the first place. Hiding your porn makes it seem like it’s a bad thing, and that’s when your woman’s going to start to get annoyed and suspicious about it. If you’re open about enjoying porn, you’re not going to have any issues with her disliking it. If you hide it, she’ll just dislike it because you’re hiding something from her…so it’s honestly better to be open about it than anything else. There’s Nothing Wrong With Watching Porn Right off the bat, we’re going to say that there’s nothing wrong with watching porn. It’s a perfectly healthy way to express yourself sexually, and it’s perfectly fine to enjoy porn if you just want to sit around and watch some people have sex so you can jerk off. This is something that probably every guy has done at some point, and the only thing that should be vilified at times is the industry, not the fact that we enjoy the films. Porn itself isn’t necessarily problematic. It’s the people that are addicted to pornography that make it into an issue,…

Knowing What to Cook for a Romantic Dinner

Let’s face it, guys: it takes a lot more to impress a woman than it does a man. If you’re dating a woman and you’d like for it to become a little more serious, planning and preparing a romantic dinner will go a long way toward impressing her. This doesn’t mean you need to throw rose petals around and provide ambient music. You can make her dinner and still maintain your masculinity. Still, a little planning beforehand won’t hurt. Know Her Tastes (Literally) If you cook up something she doesn’t like, it’s going to be a huge waste of time. So make an effort to know what her personal preferences are when it comes to food. Don’t try and make her eat something new, either. Stick with what you already know for certain. Surprising her with shellfish and finding out she hates seafood is going to ruin the date. Simple is Better We’re not saying you should just whip up some macaroni and cheese and go from there. We are saying that you don’t need to go out and buy lobster and prepare a four-course meal. Keep it to a simple dinner plan. Entr

Dates to Plan if She’s an Extrovert

Dating an extroverted woman can lead to some wild times. She’ll love being out in crowded places interacting with tons of other people. Planning dates should be pretty easy, right? Well, not if you’re an introvert or a less enthusiastic extrovert. You don’t need to wrack your brain figuring out how to keep her happy. Planning dates for an extrovert can be pretty easy. Karaoke Most extroverts enjoy a good night of karaoke. Plan a date at a karaoke bar or club that’s well known and popular so that there’ll be a good crowd. If singing in front of others isn’t really your thing, arrange to head out with a group of friends so that you can remain in the audience while everyone else goes up to sing. Surprise your date ahead of time by checking to see if songs that you know she loves are available. Music Festival Arrange a weekend trip to a music festival to really win her over. Obviously, you’ll want to go to a festival where some of her favorite bands are playing. Or, you can be adventurous and head to a festival where neither of you are familiar with the bands. That way you’ll both be experiencing new music while having an awesome time.…

All You Want to Know About Making Your Dick Bigger

The marketing team of many a company plays on the fact that not all guys are born equal, most of the time they come up a little shorter than they might want to in the dick department. Even if they’re average, they come up wanting more. So, all sorts of pills and pumps were invented to make guys think that they can make their junk bigger if they use them. The real question is: Does it work? Well, it sort of depends. Luckily for you we’re here to root through the ads for the crap products and give you an idea of what you should do if you want a bigger dick. Pumps This was one of the first options that came out on the market. It’s essentially a big cylinder that you stick your dick in. Then there’s a suction seal and you start pumping a handle that creates a vacuum. That’s right…your dick…inside of a vacuum. It’s just as terrible as it sounds. Yes, you will look bigger, but you have to clamp a ring around the base of your guy to keep the blood from escaping back into the body. For about 20-30 minutes you can boast that you got another inch. Oh, and that you might…


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