The Secret to Meeting Women Is to Make Friends with Married Men

Are you tired of never actually managing to meet the kind of woman you’d be happy to settle down with? It’s one thing for a relationship not to work out, but it’s another for it to never even get off the ground. If you’re tired of meeting bust women, the solution might not be to meet more women. It could be to meet more married men. Here’s the secret to getting someone else to do the hard work of finding a good woman for you. Only Do It When You’re Ready to Commit If you’re happy playing the field, then you should keep doing so. This isn’t the way to meet other hookups. This is the way you should start looking for a long-term girlfriend, or even a wife. The ladies that you will meet through this will be friends with married women. They’ll be ready for something long term, and they’ll be more likely to give you a chance than a random woman from the bar. All you have to do is try to show what a good boyfriend and husband you can be. Women Set up Other Women The great truth of the dating world is that there’s no matchmaker like a married woman. She wants her friends…

Crafting the Perfect Beach Date

Heading to the beach is a great way to have a memorable date on the cheap. You won’t look like a cheapskate for taking her down to the water, but it will definitely save you money. Unfortunately, the beach has a knack of being worse in real life than it is in the movies. If you want your date to go well, follow these steps to guard against the truth of nature. Bring a Jacket No Matter What The wind from the sea can be chilly no matter how nice the day is. Even if you’ll be fine, you should bring a jacket for your lady no matter what. A nice big man’s jacket is exactly the kind of thing that will keep her on the beach longer. The longer she’s there the longer you have to impress her with a great date. Weigh down the Blanket If your beach doesn’t have medium smooth rocks to weight down the edges of your blanket you should bring a couple of bricks along. It’s a pain to cart them out, but blankets always shift on the sand. The edges will blow up in a bridge and coat you, your date, and your food with sand if you’re not careful. Finger Foods Don’t…

Bold Moves for Bad Dates

Every man has had a first date that he knows isn’t going to lead to a second one. Nothing goes right the entire night. You find out she has the opposite political opinions of you. The movie sucked. The dinner you got was terrible. Everything about this date was wrong and you’re just counting the minutes until you can politely leave when you should be planning your next move. If you’re really on a date from hell you don’t have anything to lose by trying one of these bold moves on your date. Ask Her to Go to a Hotel Hotel sex is the best sex that you can have if it’s not your birthday. With that in mind, a lot of guys don’t ask for it. It’s presumptive and rude. Especially if you’re not sure that she wants to have sex with you. However, when you’re at the tail end of a bad date you really don’t have anything to lose. Women get excited too. She could be disappointed with the way things are going. So as you drive her home, why not point out some place off the beaten track and ask if she’d like to check in for a couple hours or the night? You know you…


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